Tonight we will watch as Kaitlyn from BB20 returns to the Big Brother house to host tonight’s Power of Veto comp! Find out who the POV Players are, who the POV winner is and what happened at the POV ceremony right here! Just keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21 and join in the conversation below!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the fall out from the nomination ceremony. Bella and Nick go up to the HOH, Tommy comes up right after and Bella starts talking about what Nicole told her before the nomination ceremony. Then all of a sudden, everyone from Gr8ful walks into the HOH room except for Jack.

Bella tells them about how Nicole said they called Bella and Nick bullies when it was really Analyse and Holly that called them bullies. Cliff tries to go into the HOH, but they tell him now isn’t a good time. Cliff goes downstairs to get Jack and tells him that there are meltdowns going on. Nicole tries to go upstairs, Jackson tells her that now isn’t a good time and slams the door in her face. Seconds later, Jack goes into the room.

Nicole goes back downstairs and is freaking out, Ovi goes upstairs to tell them that the way that they are acting isn’t cool. After all the screaming, they make a nine-person alliance called Unde9able. Sam sarcastically says that he should be “Gr8ful for this opportunity” and that it’s “Unde9able.”

Bella goes down to talk to Nicole with Tommy as a mediator. Bella says what she has to say, but doesn’t let Nicole defend herself. Tommy tells us in his DR that with the way that Bella was bulldozing Nicole makes him think that she really was bullying Nicole. He apologizes to Nicole for her not being able to say anything before Bella stormed out of the room.

When Nicole does finally get a chance to say something, Nick walks in and starts talking. Finally, Nicole comes out and says that all Bella does is manipulate, lie, and twist words. She then looks at Nick and tells him that she respects him as a person, but she is dragging him down.

It is time to pick players for the POV Comp! Nick picks Jackson, Cliff picks Kathryn, and Jessica gets HG Choice and chooses Christie to play. Nicole is so confused about Jessica picking Christie to play in the POV considering she is part of the HOH’s alliance. When the Comp begins, they all head out to the yard to find Kaitlyn from Big Brother 20. She tells them a ghost story about her not being able to complete a puzzle to stay in the Big Brother game.

This comp is called the Haunting of Kaitlyn Herman. The HGs will look for puzzle pieces that are the same color as the shirts they are wearing and bring them back to their puzzle station. They will then put the puzzle together and the first HG to complete the puzzle will win the POV. Kat blew this puzzle out of the water and finished this puzzle before Christie could even find her last piece.

We then get a look at Christie’s complete meltdown over absolutely nothing at all. She thought that comments that Nick was making were signs that she is going to be BD’d this week.

It is time for the POV Ceremony. Kat uses the POV on Jessica. Nick then names Nicole as his replacement nominee.

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