Tonight we will watch as the HOH comp plays out on Big Brother 21 and find out which of the F4 will secure a spot in this season’s F3! After we watch the HOH comp play out, we will find out which two HGs will go on the block this week. Check out our Big Brother spoilers now to find out or you can refresh this page to get the details as it airs!

We get a look at the HOH comp to start off tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Cliff, Nicole, and Holly are all standing on their disks and getting hit by a truck.

During the HOH comp, we get a look at Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy talking about what Jackson told them about Tommy. Tommy swears that he didn’t tell Jackson anything that he is claiming. Nicole calls a house meeting to air everything out. Jackson spews a bunch of lies and Tommy says that they are lies. However, Jackson is sticking to his story and making more lies about Tommy. Tommy then calls out Holly and tells her that she is allowing this to happen knowing that they are all lies. Not going to lie, this is pretty infuriating to watch. Tommy then tells Jackson that he doesn’t think Jackson deserves this money and that everyone else deserves it more than he does. Jackson says he is done and the meeting ends.

After the argument, but before the eviction, we see as Nicole tells Cliff that she sees through Jackson. She knows that Tommy is an actor, but she knows that Jackson is lying. Cliff tells her that he wants to believe Jackson because that’s where their agreement is. Nicole tells Cliff that the part that made her realize was when Jackson told Tommy to own it which is what Brett said last year when he was lying about Rockstar. She tells Cliff that she wants Holly out.

Jackson then lies to Cliff and tells him that he and Nicole are in good hands with him if they keep Holly one more week. Cliff and Nicole tell Holly that they are still leaning towards keeping Tommy in the house. Jackson and Holly then make them feel guilty and the house erupts again. Jackson is reminding Cliff and Nicole that he and Holly have had their backs, but now they are going against them to keep the guy who blatantly called Cliff the biggest threat in the game. Nicole tells them that they must this she is diluted to believe that they would take her over each other to F2. Jackson keeps sticking to the fact that they have had Nicole and Cliff’s back the whole time. Jackson and Holly continue to lie and promise whatever they can to get Holly to stay in the house and Cliff and Nicole are falling for it.

We are back at the HOH comp and Jackson is pushing Holly to throw the comp. Cliff is worried that Holly isn’t going to hold up her end of the bargain. Cliff falls, but Holly is still standing strong and struggling with the idea of throwing this comp. Holly did end up holding up her end of the deal and Nicole ends up winning the HOH.

We then get a look at Jackson crying in the bathroom with Holly. He is mad at himself for doing what he did to Tommy, but he couldn’t let Holly leave. Holly tells him that deep down, Tommy is a lover of this game and knows that is exactly what Jackson was doing.

Cliff tells Nicole that he promised Jackson if he wins POV that he would take him to F3, not Holly. He tells Nicole that he doesn’t intend to break that promise either. Nicole is worried now that there might be more to the deal because if Cliff is making these promises and talking to Jackson in private, there has to be more to this.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Nicole nominates Holly and Jackson for eviction this week. Now it all comes down to who wins the POV. If you missed the POV results, you can find out who won right here!

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