We found out Thursday night which of the Big Brother 21 Final 3 houseguests won the first round of the final HOH of the season and will play in Round 3 on Wednesday night. The other two HGs went head to head Saturday night and now that the Big Brother live feeds have come back up, we know which one of them will also advance to Round 3. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

Jackson won Round 1 of the final HOH on Thursday night and Nicole and Holly were left to battle it out in Round 2. We got a sneak peek of the comp on Big Brother After Dark last night and saw that it was some sort of days and events mental competition. Fan instantly took to social media to talk about how Nicole was going to kill it in this competition. After all, Holly has mentioned plenty of times on the Live Feeds that she has memory issues due to concussions she has gotten over the years. Holly knows that in order to guarantee her and Jackson’s spot in F3, she has to win this competition. However, was that enough to put a fire under her and give her the motivation to win?

The Winner of Round 2 of the Final HOH is:

  • Holly

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to look forward to throughout the next few days. It will be Holly versus Jackson in Round 3 on finale night and no matter which one of them wins, they will most likely take each other to F2. Holly has talked to Nicole about knowing that Jackson’s resume is pretty strong with all his comp wins and such throughout the season, however, I don’t see her betraying Jackson and taking Nicole to F2 if she wins on Wednesday night.

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