It wasn’t even a full 24 hours in the Big Brother All-Stars house and Cody’s HOH plans have already taken a hit. The Big Brother 22 HGs learned what the Safety Suite was all about and we got results on how that played out. Keep reading to get all the details from the Big Brother live feeds right here with my BB22 Spoilers!

We started the day off with some chatter among the HGs. Bayleigh and Janelle had a conversation in the lounge and Janelle told Bayleigh that she was worried that Cody might nominate her for eviction this week. When Bayleigh asked her why she felt that way, Janelle’s said she felt like she doesn’t know him at all. Bayleigh reminds her that most of them are in that position.

Nicole F goes up to talk to Cody and they are super chummy. Nicole asks Cody if he is her “ride or die” in the house and he tells her “absolutely.” She mentions that they should try to form alliances. Cody with the men and Nicole F with the women and then they can report back to each other about what everyone is thinking. Cody mentioned that the only woman he isn’t sure about in the house is Christmas and Nicole F mentions that she was going to try and start an alliance with Christmas, Da’Vonne, and Dani because they were the first four in the house. However, she wants to bring it up to Dani and try to make it her idea.

After his conversation with Nicole F, Cody has a short conversation with Nicole A where he told her that she was safe this week. After having some conversations about all the former HGs that called them throughout the process of casting BB22 just to find out if they got a call. Cody notes that most of them called for petty reasons.

Kaysar and Dani have a quick conversation. She tells him that he is good in her book and he mentions that he is worried there might be an alliance forming around Cody because he is the HOH. Dani asks Kaysar if there is anyone in the house that he tells her that he hasn’t gotten a read on a lot of them but he is keeping his eyes on Cody and Tyler.

Bayleigh and Tyler talked and he apologized to her for the way he treated her during their season. He tells her that he thinks they should work together because no one would expect it because of all the issues they had. Bayleigh tells him she is good with that but warns him that he better not screw her over. I also want to note that Tyler made duo deals with Christmas and David no more than 20 minutes after his conversation with Bayleigh. Not to mention him and Cody are getting pretty buddy buddy in the house too.

Tyler, David, and Enzo have a conversation about the Safety Suite and then head out to hang out with the rest of the HGs.

Memphis and Janelle have a conversation about whether or not they feel they should play in the Safety Suite comp. They both agree that their chances of going up right now are slimmer than they will be in a few weeks after a couple of evictions happen. They wonder if they should hold on to their VIP Pass a little longer. Janelle mentions to Memphis that she thinks Nicole F is safe with Cody because they have played together before.

Janelle and Keesha wonder if they are going to be put up by Cody this week. They feel that it could be them or Kaysar this week. Keesha asks Janelle if she is going to play in the Safety Suite comp and Janelle tells her that she feels like she might have to. Janelle and Keesha agree that Cody won’t put up two guys. Janelle mentions in BB16 that Cody worked with all guys and he is probably doing the same thing this season. Janelle mentions not wanting to be backdoored like she was in BB14.

The feeds went down for almost 4 hours for the Safety Suite comp. When they came back up Ian congratulated Kaysar and Janelle on being safe. Kaysar and Janelle were the only ones to play, Kaysar won and picked Janelle as his plus one.

Janelle mentions that she was surprised that it was only her and Kaysar that did the Safety Suite comp. Janelle wonders what’s going on in the house. Nicole F tells Christmas and Janelle that she and Cody aren’t tight and she has never talked game with him and acts as if she is worried about her safety now.

Nicole F talks to Cody and expresses her frustration with the fact that somehow Janelle and Kaysar knew they had to play in this week’s comp. Cody mentions that it’s pretty clear now that Janelle and Kaysar are working together and adds that Janelle isn’t someone he wants in the house.

Cody tells Nicole F that because Kaysar and Janelle are untouchable this week, he is probably going to go after Keesha and Kevin. He says that Kevin would be a pawn and someone that he could easily smooth things over with. Tyler walks in and Nicole F leaves. Cody tells Tyler that Keesha is an easy nomination for him, but he is still stuck on who he is going to put up next to her. Tyler asks who else is from BB10 and Cody says Memphis. Tyler hints at maybe putting Memphis up next to her, but Cody says he is good with Memphis.

Dani asks Nicole F what Cody is thinking and Nicole F plays dumb and tells her she doesn’t know. Talks turn to how they don’t think Nicole A likes them (gee, I wonder why??)

Kaysar, Janelle, and Nicole A are talking. Kaysar says that he knew something was up when everyone kept asking him if he was going to play for safety. Janelle and Kaysar agreed that they were both going to go up and Nicole A says she thinks they would have too. All three agree that they don’t want Cody to target Keesha or Memphis.

Janelle, Kaysar, and Memphis talk later on and they compare notes. Each of them got a different story from Cody and now they all know he was lying. Memphis mentions that he doesn’t feel safe. Janelle tells Memphis she is worried that he might not be safe too and adds that she will be pissed if he or Keesha go up. Memphis tells them that he thinks Nicole F and Cody could be working together and Janelle tells them she agrees because they played together before.

Dani and Cody chat a bit. Cody tells her what he is thinking with Keesha and she agrees he should put her up and target her because it would split up Keesha and Memphis. She adds that they can pull Memphis in and Cody says they can also add Enzo and Nicole F to their alliance. Dani mentions bringing Tyler in also.

It took 24 hours, but Nicole F started randomly crying and no one knew why for the longest time. Enzo doesn’t understand how someone could be crying like that on day 2 either. Enzo and Janelle also talked about how Cody and Nicole F must be working together. Janelle says she thinks so too because she can always tell when Nicole F is lying.

Kaysar and Janelle talked a lot about how they need to win HOH next week and make a power move. Kaysar tells her that he trusts Nicole A and she thinks that Ian would work with them also. They agree that Memphis and Keesha would work with them also, but Janelle adds that they could be going up. He tells her that someone has to win Veto and take one of them down if that happens. They wonder if Dani would work with them, but neither of them is sure they can trust her.

Nicole F is still crying at this point and tells Christmas she is scared of Janelle. Da’Vonne, Nicole A, and Kevin talk about how they are all worried about a big guys alliance. They want to try and get Tyler to work with them.

Janelle got a punishment costume for losing the Safety Suite comp yesterday. She is walking around in a giant start costume.

Janelle tells Nicole A that she finds it odd that Nicole F and Cody would be working together since Dan told Janelle in preseason that Nicole F is the reason Derrick isn’t on this season. Kaysar joins the conversation and mentions that Cody has a tell every time he lies. He adds that he thinks that if they win HOH next week, they have to go after Cody and Tyler.

Kaysar is happy that he won’t be evicted on his birthday again. Apparently he was evicted twice on August 10th! What are the odds?

Kevin tells Nicole A that Cody and Tyler are definitely working together because he has seen them meet and talk several times already. Kevin thinks that Cody is going to target old school players and thinks that Memphis and Keesha will go up with Memphis being his target.

Everyone in the house thinks that Keesha and Memphis are Cody’s noms this week, but Cody has said that it will be Keesha and Kevin.

Nominations should be happening today so I will have more details for you later today!

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