Last night we watched as the 16 Big Brother All-Stars moved into the Big Brother house. We watched them compete as soon as they entered and only 6 of them earned a spot in the first HOH competition of the season. After the show aired on the west coast, the Live Feeds kicked off and we got to listen in on what the Big Brother 22 HGs had to say. Keep reading our Big Brother Spoilers to get all the details of the conversations going on in the Big Brother house after the show ended.

When the Live Feeds came on, we saw as the majority of the HGs were still sitting in the living room getting to know each other. They all talked about how crazy it is that they are all back in the Big Brother house. The HGs also noted how they didn’t get champagne for their move-in toast. Cody mentions that he told production that he didn’t want any alcohol in his basket and tells everyone about how he got blackout drunk in BB16.

The chatting continued and we learned that the cast wasn’t decided until earlier in the day and Tyler mentioned that he was surprised because they usually announce it beforehand. Many of the HGs also mentioned that they had to go through bias training and sexual harassment training prior to moving into the Big Brother house.

Tyler, Cody, and Kaysar get up and go to the storage room to grab food. As Cody and Tyler entered, Cody asked Tyler if he was ready to “run through this house” and when Kaysar walked in, they changed the conversation to the food in the fridge.

A little later Kaysar has a heart to heart with Nicole A. He tells her that he felt terrible for the way she was treated last season when all she was trying to do was clear the air. She tells him that it means a lot to her coming from him.

Nicole F and Dani have a conversation in one of the bedrooms. Nicole F mentions how she never thought that Nicole A was going to be in the house. She tells Dani that she ignored a DM from Nicole A requesting for her to be on her podcast. Dani tells her that she read the DM but ghosted her while Nicole F said she didn’t even open the message. There was also a conversation about how Tyler might have been caught off guard with Kaycee not being in the house and how Christmas was also supposed to have Josh there with her.

Christmas tells everyone the story about how she broke her foot on BB19 and right as she starts telling the story about the night her son Loyal was born, Cody comes out of the DR with his HOH room key!

There was a lot of chatting about the HGs previous seasons and life outside the house. It wasn’t a super crazy night on the feeds, but today we should get a better idea of what Cody’s plan is for his nominations. Make sure you check back here every morning for a full recap of the Big Brother live feeds and any other spoilers that come my way. Nominations should happen either today or tomorrow and we still have the Safety Suite twist coming up. Whether that comes before or after the noms is still a mystery.

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