The Power of Veto Ceremony took place in the Big Brother 22 house and after the nominations were finalized, the campaigns started. With the nominees going around talking to the other HGs, we also had a new alliance take form. This new alliance could really throw a wrench into Thursday’s eviction vote but we will have to see how this works out. In the meantime, keep reading our live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday!

We started off the day with a lot of talks about what everyone thought Memphis’ plan was going into the POV Ceremony. There was still a lot of worries that there might have been a BD target, but no one knew who that could be.

Janelle and Memphis talked about how NicA should try and make a deal with Enzo to rally a vote from him. Janelle and Kaysar for the life of them, couldn’t figure out why everyone inside the house was talking about keeping David when he is more of a threat. They also figured out that everyone was trying to keep David in the house to go after the two of them.

The POV Ceremony happened and we found out that Memphis did not use the POV and the final noms for the week were David and NicA. Kaysar told Memphis that their biggest problem is that NicA is going to be voted out now. Memphis doesn’t think so and tells Kaysar that he is going to talk to Enzo.

After the POV Ceremony, NicA hit the campaign trail and started with Day first. She tells Day that she isn’t a comp beast, she is however a vote. Day tells her that her saving grace might be to paint David as the target this week when she is campaigning. Talks turn to how if David already has 4-5 votes then there is clearly a voting block in the house. They just need to figure out if it’s an alliance that David is currently in or if it’s an alliance that wants to bring him in. Either way, they agree that’s bad news.

NicA then moves on to Franzel. This is where NicA started to sink her relationship with Kaysar and Janelle. NicA tells Franzel that she was worried Franzel didn’t like her because she (NA) is being associated with Janelle. To try and gain Franzel’s trust, NicA confirms to her that Janelle was trying to get Memphis to BD Franzel.

Janelle and Kaysar had a conversation about how NicA questioning their friendship and wondering if she could trust them is very hurtful. She actually cried about it to Kaysar. She tells Kaysar that she feels like she let NicA down and that’s why NicA doesn’t trust that she is being true to her word. Kaysar tells her that they can still work to save NicA, there is still time.

NicA checks in with Enzo. Enzo tells her that her staying is what’s best for his game and he’s going to talk to Memphis to find out who his target is this week. NicA tells Enzo that she is worried that everyone is associating her with Janelle and Kaysar, which sucks because they didn’t look out for her. As we know, this is not true and NicA is going to be kicking herself when she goes back to watch this.

Janelle and David talk about the votes and Janelle tells David that she wishes there was a way they could both stay. David tells Janelle that he would really like her vote to stay in the house. Janelle asks him what his plan is if he stays and he tells her that people see him as someone who could go after Memphis and Janelle wonders where that leaves her.

He tells her that she is guilty by association! She explained to him that they aren’t aligned, he is just keeping her safe because she was friends with Keesha. She asks him that if she votes for him to stay if he would also keep her safe and he tells her that he could agree with that. David tells her that he wouldn’t want to see her go anyway because she gives him a certain level of comfort in the house by keeping things clean and organized. He tells her it helps with his OCD.

NicA and Kevin talk about the Janelle and Kasyar thing. NicA mentions being so upset with them that she wants to go off on them. She says that if she wasn’t on the block, she would call a house meeting and blow them up in front of everyone. She really has a terrible read on the house and Kevin isn’t helping that. Especially when he makes comments like “I don’t think Janelle and Kaysar campaigning for you is a good thing” like he did in this conversation.

Ian and Kaysar have an interesting conversation…by interesting, I mean confusing because they are both trying to strategically talk to each other and everything is coming out weird. So I’m going to do a lot of paraphrasing here. They talk about the possibility of working together, but they have to figure out how to do that so that Ian can still also work with Franzel. Ian tells Kaysar that he and Janelle better win the HOH this week or they could be in danger. They talk more about working together and Kaysar asks him if he could promise to get Ian to the second half of the game, will he work with him. He agrees.

NicA checks in with Day and tells Day that she thinks she has five votes and Day could be her sixth. Day tells her that she will see what she can figure out and let her know.

There were a lot of little conversations in the house so I’m going to list them all here and run them down:

  • Day tells Fanzel that Ian told Janelle about his F2 with Franzel (he actually told Kaysar, but you know how that goes).
  • Day tells David about Kaysar implying he was part of an all guys alliance. David admits that he is.
  • David tells Bay that he knows Day is trying to look out for him, but she needs to calm down.
  • Bay and Day talk about their frustrations with David and wonder why they are keeping him.
  • Kaysar and Janelle talk about sealing the deal with Bay, Day, and Christmas and making their alliance official.
  • Kaysar and Janelle tell Bay that they are working on solidifying things and ask her if she will vote out David. She agrees to if they can get the votes.
  • Kaysar tells Bay they need to make sure Day is on board, but they can’t tell Kevin.
  • Kevin tells Dani that he is expecting a split vote. This frustrates Dani because Janelle is trying to split the house.
  • Bay tells Dani about the all guys alliance she heard about and asks her not to tell Cody that she brought this up.

Janelle then talks to NicA and confirms that she is still working to get votes and working to put together an alliance with her (NicA) in it. Janelle tells NicA that David’s campaign was that he is going after Memphis and that Janelle is guilty by association. She tells NicA that David told her that he would give her a one week pass before targeting her if she kept him. NicA then talks to Day and Day confirms that Janelle has been pushing for NicA to stay.

NicA worries to Bay that Janelle and Kaysar are using her and don’t care that they are doing it. Bay confirms that they have been working to get the votes for her to stay, but nothing has been confirmed yet. NicA says that she agreed on an alliance in words but Janelle and Kaysar can’t be trusted.

The Slick Six alliance has been made official! This alliance includes Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Dani, Bay, and Day. Enzo says that as long as the Janelle and Kaysar don’t win the HOH, they are fine next week and they have all agreed that they are keeping David this week.

So long story short, NicA is really terrible at this game and at reading people. Janelle and Kaysar have been working tirelessly to keep her in the house, but she went and told everyone that they can’t be trusted. This caused everyone who was going to possibly vote for NicA to join an alliance that is now keeping David. Things are going to get interesting with Bay and Day also working with Janelle and Kaysar now that they don’t plan to hold up their end of the vote.

Stay tuned for all the juicy details throughout the week!

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