After a crazy Triple Eviction inside the Big Brother 22 house, the HGs then went on to compete in yet another HOH competition to kick off Week 9. If you missed my Big Brother Spoilers from late Thursday night, keep reading to find out who won and what their plan is moving through this week of Big Brother All-Stars.

Last night when the feeds kicked back on, the HGs were all lounging around looking pretty exhausted. They competed in another HOH after the show went off the air and we got confirmation that Cody won. There was a lot of talk about the HOH comp, the Triple Eviction, and speculation as to who could win AFP.

Later on, Nicole tells Cody that Christmas is evil for trying to vote her out tonight. She tells Cody that she and Dani were good friends prior to the season starting and Cody said he had a feeling of that. He tells her that’s one of the reasons he wanted her out. Cody confirms to Nicole that his plan this week is to nominate Tyler and Christmas.

Memphis and Enzo have a pretty good feeling that Christmas is the target this week and they both agree that they have to play hard for the POV so that Christmas goes this week.

Nicole was named HN for the week by Enzo and she is worried about sleeping in the HN room alone. The HGs tell her that they will take turns sleeping up there with her. Later on, Nicole tells Cody that she doesn’t understand why Enzo would pick her because now she is going to be too weak for the POV Comp. Enzo joins the conversation and mentions that it’s three against three now (him, Nicole, and Cody against Tyler, Memphis, and Christmas). Enzo tells Cody that he is just now catching on to how close Christmas and Tyler are.

Later on, Enzo and Cody are talking in the HOH room and Cody tells him that he is glad that Enzo didn’t vote out Nicole because she would never put him on the block. Cody also tells Enzo that Nicole confirmed to him that she and Dani were friends outside the house and says that he is glad they split them up. Cody and Enzo talk about Memphis and how he is going to take it when he finds out that Christmas is the target this week. Enzo tells Cody that Tyler tried to get him to flip his vote on Nicole (probably why he was in the hallway so long before his vote). Enzo says that he thinks that Memphis would nominate Tyler and Nicole if he won HOH next week.

Enzo tells Cody that he threw the last HOH comp by getting the last question wrong and Cody says that he is sorry he won because he was in a pretty good position. He is not happy about the fact that Nicole isn’t winning anything though. Enzo mentions that he wants to talk to Tyler, but Cody thinks he should talk to him first. After more contemplation, Cody says that maybe he should go to Tyler and tell him that Cody was worried about the vote (against Nicole), but assure him that he is safe this week.

So it looks like Christmas is the target this week, but if Christmas should win the POV then Tyler will likely become the new target. I’m guessing that Memphis will be the renom if one of the noms come down because Cody isn’t going to want to risk Nicole going over Christmas or Tyler. We will get nomination confirmation later on today so be on the lookout.

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