Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will watch as the Final 5 on Big Brother All-Stars compete in the Week 10 Head of Household competition. After a winner is crowned we will find out who will be put up for eviction. If you don’t want to wait to find out who won this week’s HOH or who they nominated, check out my Big Brother spoilers to get the details. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode!

We start tonight’s episode off with the HGs playing in this week’s HOH competition. In this competition, the HGs have to walk across a teeter-totter and put pumpkins in the basket at the end of it. If their pumpkins should fall out of the basket as they walk across it, they have to grab all their pumpkins and start over against.

Christmas tells us that she is planning to nominate Cody and Nicole if she wins HOH and Nicole would be her target. Memphis tells us that Nicole is the only one in the house that he doesn’t have a deal with and he is okay with anyone winning this week except for her.

The HGs are all having issues shifting their weight slow enough so that their pumpkins don’t fall out of the basket at the end of their teeter-totter. Enzo is really bad at this competition and Cody is roasting him in his DR sessions saying that if his BB life was on the line and Enzo was the only one allowed to compete, he would be going home.

Christmas is down to two pumpkins and Memphis is on her tail. Memphis starts to rush which causes Christmas to rush. Christmas had her last pumpkin in her hand when one of her pumpkins rolls out of her basket. She has to start all over. Memphis has two pumpkins left when he has a pumpkin roll out of his basket too. He has to reset also. Meanwhile, Nicole has only three pumpkins left and she is going slow and steady. Christmas and Memphis are both hoping that she loses one out of her basket.

Nicole gets her last pumpkin in her basket and everyone stops to see if she drops one getting off the beam. She doesn’t and makes it to her buzzer and wins this week’s HOH competition!

After the HOH comp, Christmas is crying and feeling sorry for herself. Nicole talks to Cody about nominating Christmas and Memphis this week. Cody and Enzo tell her that Memphis has to go this week because he is a huge threat to all of them. Due to Cody and Enzo being aligned with Memphis, it works perfectly for them that Nicole won the HOH and can do it for them.

Nicole gets her HOH room and her letter from Victor reveals that they are getting married in December after having to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic. After that, we see a pre-nom meeting with Christmas where Nicole tells her that she doesn’t want to see Christmas go this week. Nicole tells her that she is looking to get a strong competitor out this week. Christmas tells her that she feels like out of the three guys, Enzo and Cody are loved by the jury.

Cody crashes their conversation and after Christmas leaves the room, Nicole tells Cody about everything Christmas said about how strong of a player Cody is and how Cody and Enzo are loved by the jury. Cody tells her that he isn’t sending Memphis home this week, he’s sending Christmas home. Nicole tells him he better not.

We get a clip of Enzo talking about his foot stalker. Christmas tells us that Enzo doesn’t even have nice looking feet. Enzo is flattered by this but also thinks it’s a little psycho.

It’s Memphis’ turn to talk to Nicole prior to the noms. Memphis tells Nicole that he has no deals with anyone in the house because he didn’t want to have to make a F2 with anyone. He tells her that if he stays off the block, he will offer her a F4 deal, he won’t use the POV if he wins it this week and if he wins it next week he will keep her safe.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony and Nicole has nominated Christmas and Memphis. She tells them that this is a move that she thinks is best for her game. Christmas tried to evict her and Memphis put her up in the first place.

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