It is time to find out which of the Big Brother All-Stars HGs are on the block for week 1 of Big Brother 22! Cody has already had to change his plan this week due to this years Safety Suite twist. Find out which of his fellow HGs Cody put on the block right here with our Big Brother Spoilers!

Cody’s original plan was to put Kaysar and Janelle on the block, but after the Safety Suite competition happened, the plan had to change. Kaysar and Janelle played in the comp and Kaysar won safety with this week’s Safety Suite twist. He chose Janelle as his plus one making her safe for the week also.

After the Safety Suite comp, Cody talked a lot about putting Keesha up because he doesn’t really have a relationship with her and he wants to split up the possible duo between her and Memphis. Kevin’s name was thrown around as a pawn, but he seemed very unsure about this plan. Are you ready to find out who this week’s nominations are?

Nominations for Week 1 are:

  • Keesha
  • Kevin

As I said, Cody mentioned that the plan was to put Kevin up as a pawn next to Keesha and for Keesha to go home. As of last night, Kevin was convinced that Memphis was going to be the target this week with Keesha as a pawn. Because of this, he might still think that Keesha is supposed to be a pawn, and that might cause him to spiral. It could make for an interesting week, that’s for sure.

Do you think that Keesha and Kevin are the right choices? If not, who would you have rather seen on the block?

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