It is Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house! Now that the Safety Suite is over and we know which Big Brother All-Stars can’t be nominated, it’s time to find out who Memphis decided to put on the block! Find out which two HGs are in trouble this week right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Last night on the Big Brother live feeds, Memphis talked to Cody about who his options are for nominations. He talked about putting Nicole A and David up and also mentioned that Ian was a good option too because he already won this game. However, now that Christmas has won the Safety Suite and used her plus one on Ian, that takes him off the table. So who did Memphis put on the block for week 2?

Nominations for Week 2 are:

  • David
  • Nicole A

When the feeds came back up, Nicole A was in tears and David looked angry. When Kevin pulled David aside, David said that he was angry with the way that Memphis delivered his Nomination speech to him specifically. Nicole went right into the Diary Room after the feeds came back up.

Stay tuned for the Power of Veto comp which happens tomorrow! Find out who Memphis, David, and Nicole A go up against and who wins the POV throughout the day tomorrow with my Big Brother spoilers!

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