Now that we have said good-bye to another Big Brother All-Star, it is time to find out which of the remaining HGs went on to win this week’s HOH competition! If you missed Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 22, check out our full recap right here to find out what happened including who was evicted and what the newest twist is. Otherwise, keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which HG won the HOH competition to kick off Week 8 of Big Brother!

After tonight’s live eviction show where Day was sent to the jury house, the remaining HGs went on to compete in this week’s HOH competition. As soon as the feeds came back up, the HGs were all gathered in the kitchen eating and we saw one of them wearing the HOH key around their neck. Ready to find out who it is?

The HOH For Week 8 of Big Brother 22 is:

  • Cody

I’m honestly not sure what to expect with Cody in the HOH for the second time this season. I will say that most of The Commission are having some issues with Nicole and Dani, however, I’m not expecting Cody to take any shots this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if David and Kevin were on the block this week, but we will find out more as the night goes on and the conversations start swirling.

Make sure you come back Friday morning for my Live Feeds recap to get an idea of what could happen this week. I will also have confirmation on the noms at some point Friday too. Stay tuned!

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