We found out which Big Brother All-Star won Round 1 of the Final HOH on Thursday night, now it’s time to find out which HG won Round 2. If you missed out on the results for Round 1, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details. You can then find the results of Round 2 below. The winners for round 1 and 2 will go head to head in the third round live on Wednesday night during the Big Brother 22 finale.

After Christmas was evicted from the Big Brother 22 house on Thursday night, Nicole, Cody, and Enzo went on to play in Round 1 of the Final HOH competition. When the feeds came back up, we found out that Nicole went on to win the first round which was an endurance comp. The comp was the one where they are hanging onto a rope and spinning around in circles while the ropes rotate. There is usually a stationary object there that they run into to make it harder for them to hold on. Based on talks in the house it sounds like it was a moon. We will watch this round of the HOH on Monday night, but the guys made it sound like Nicole did a pretty good job and avoiding the moon.

That means Round 2 came down to Cody and Enzo and Enzo knew going into this final HOH that he had to win in order to make it any further in the game. Now that Round two has taken place and the feeds are back up, we have gotten confirmation on whether Enzo or Cody won Round 2 of the final HOH. Here are the results!

The Winner of Round 2 of the Final HOH is:

  • Cody

It will be Nicole and Cody in R3 of the final HOH which will take place live during the finale on Wednesday night starting at 9/8c on CBS. Enzo is pretty disappointed in himself right now because he knows that there is no way that Nicole or Cody will take him to F2 over the other.

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