When the feeds came back up after Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 23, we not only found out who won the Head of Household for Week 11, but we also found out who was nominated. Make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers to find out who won HOH and keep reading to find out which Big Brother 2021 houseguests are on the block for Week 11 right here!

After the feeds came back up, it took us about a half-hour to find out who was this week’s Head of Household. We did finally get a look at Xavier in the HOH bed listening to music and studying his days and events for this week. Xavier has a F3 with Kyland and Derek, but a F2 with Kyland. However, it all comes down to the Veto this week.

It took a lot of talking between the houseguests for us to get confirmation who Xavier named as this week’s nominees, but here they are!

Nominees for Week 11 of Big Brother 23 are:

  • Kyland
  • Azah

It took over two hours to find out that the only person not on the block this week is Derek, which means that Azah and Kyland are on the block. This is the first time that Azah has been on the block all season.

As I said before, it all comes down to who wins this week’s Power of Veto. If any of the houseguests other than Xavier wins this week’s POV, they will be the only person to vote at next week’s Live Eviction. If Xavier wins, he will be able to choose who stays off the block and who will be able to vote in the Eviction.

Who do you want to see win this week’s Power of Veto?

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