We are entering week two of Big Brother 23 and we have a new Head of Household in charge. After saying goodbye to our first evicted houseguest on Thursday night, the remaining houseguests went on to play this week’s Head of Household competition on Big Brother 2021. Keep reading to find out who won that HOH comp right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

If you missed Thursday’s live vote and eviction show, make sure you head on over to my full recap right here to get all the details of the episode. If you’re here to find out who won this week’s HOH competition, then you have come to the right place!

In this competition, the HGs will have to step up to the pool shark’s table and shoot a ball into the mouth of a shark. Before taking their shot, they will have to pick the number of the place they want to shoot from. On Julie’s go, they will enter the number of the spot they want to shoot from on a keypad, if the spot is taken, the HG will have to pick another number until they pick a vacant number.

The HG who makes their shot from the highest and most difficult numbered spot. Bank shots are not allowed. Here is how the HGs did:

  • Alyssa makes her shot from number 15
  • Brent makes his shot from 16, he is now in the lead
  • Hannah misses her shot from 17
  • Azah misses her shot from 18
  • Xavier misses his shot from 19
  • Christian misses his shot from 20
  • Tiffany misses her shot from 21
  • Whitney misses her shot from 22
  • Claire misses her shot from 23
  • Kyland makes his shot from 24, he is now in the lead
  • Britini misses her shot from 25
  • Derek F misses his shot from 26
  • Sarah Beth misses her shot from 27
  • Derek X misses his shot from 28

Kyland is the new HOH for week 2 of Big Brother 23! That also means that Tiffany and Claire are also safe this week.

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