The biggest Big Brother Over the Top twist (currently) is that Alex Willett and Morgan Willett are sisters. They play as two separate BBOTT houseguests. They have the power to reveal their connection or not.

Big Brother Over the Top Jason

During last night’s introduction, they decided to pretend to be strangers. They even introduced themselves to one another. No one seemed to notice their clear facial similarities. However, everyone was still getting to know each other. Additionally, alcohol got involved in the ceremony pretty quickly, so it makes sense that no one noticed their similar facial features.

However, last night, Jason Roy started to look at the new memory wall. He made a comment that Alex and Morgan look a lot alike on their pictures, almost like the same person. He then had, what seemed like, an “aha!” moment. He said nothing to the Big Brother Over the Top live feeders, but his facial expressions revealed a lot.

He stood alone for a moment pondering it, but then walked away after a couple of seconds. As of now, Jason hasn’t mentioned his suspicions to anyone. He also hasn’t confronted Alex or Morgan about it.

Last year, Da’Vonne Rogers told Jason about the twin twist that involved Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan playing secretly as one player. Jason quickly blew up that twist to everyone, which contributed to his early eviction.

Big Brother Over the Top Spoilers: Did Someone Figure out the Sister Twist?

Therefore, it seems like Jason may keep this secret to himself for awhile, at least until he’s more sure about it, and can use it to his advantage.

Someone else might also figure out the sister twist soon too. Last night, while unpacking, Alex slipped and called Morgan, “Mo.” She then tried to play it off by turning “Mo” into Morgan. However, Shelby Stockton, who was sitting right next to them, quickly picked up on it.

She said it was cute that they already had nicknames for each other. Alex tried to once again downplay it by offering to give Shelby a nickname too. Both Alex and Morgan looked a little worried about their slip up, but Shelby didn’t seem to suspect anything yet.

Shelby mentioned trying to play down her intelligence, so as a future lawyer, we suspect that if she continues to see little mistakes from Morgan and Alex, she’ll put the clues together.

Big Brother Over The Top Alex and Morgan Willett

How long do you think Alex and Morgan can keep their secret before the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests figure it out?

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