Monte Massongill had one of the worst first Head of Household reigns in Big Brother history. As the first Big Brother Over the Top head of household, he had the power to set the tone for this BBOTT season. Possibly unfortunately, or fortunately, Monte’s head of household reign took the power away from the HOH and put it into the hands of the people, the American people.

BBOTT-Week 1 eviction

Monte believed the Big Brother Over the Top game would unfold exactly as he expected. He was wrong. He managed to nominate Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey. Then everything fell apart from there.

America nominated Monte’s biggest ally, Cornbread. Next, Jason won the Power of Veto, which meant Monte needed to name a new nominee. His main target became safe and free to come back after Monte later.

Monte named Kryssie Ridolfi as the replacement, with the hopes of evicting her. However, Danielle had a different plan in mind. She campaigned hard for Cornbread’s eviction.

And it looks like her plan succeeded because Cornbread was evicted from the Big Brother Over the Top house.

BBOTT-week 1 Cornbread Leaves

Alex Willett created a vote against Danielle to create paranoia. Everyone else voted out Cornbread.

Tune in tomorrow to hear some highlights from his interview with Host Julie Chen.

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