We have already experienced an intense second week of Big Brother Over the Top. We started the week with a mighty battle to see which side took the control. The Plastics (and Monte Massongill) or Monte and the Pythons, as they’re jokingly called, once again gained the power in the Big Brother Over the Top house.

Week 2 Safety Ceremony (P2)

Alex Willett won the second head of household competition of the season. She set her sights on breaking up a showmance. She wanted either Danielle Lickey or Shane Chapman out of the BBOTT house. Her main target was Danielle, but she knew others might want to take Shane out. Alex was okay with either leaving, as long as no one from her side left.

The opposite side (Misfits or the formerly known as the OTT Jamboree) wanted to keep Shane and Danielle safe to keep their numbers strong. They hoped America would vote in their favor by nominating Monte, Morgan Willett, Scott Dennis, or Shelby Stockton.

America, sort of, granted their request by making Scott, Morgan, and Monte Have-Nots. An intense moment happened right after the Have-Nots reveal. It put more of a spotlight on Monte for making questionable remarks about Justin Duncan.

Week 2 Safety Ceremony 2

Danielle and Kryssie Ridolfi then fed into the situation to put a bigger target on Scott and Monte. Despite the intense afternoon, it seems like it didn’t work, because Alex still plans to nominate Shane and Danielle this week.

Alex began the first Safety Ceremony by saving: Kryssie, Neeley Jackson, Whitney Hogg, and Morgan. Jason was also made safe an hour earlier by Kryssie.

Tomorrow, we get confirmation about whether Alex still nominates Shane and Danielle for eviction on Big Brother Over the Top.

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