On Wednesday, Kryssie Ridolfi won Big Brother Over the Top‘s fourth head of household competition. Immediately, she saw her opportunity to take out one of the Ball Smashers. Kryssie wanted to take out queen Ball Smasher, Alex Willett.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 4 Care PAckage

However, Alex is quite popular on the outside. She often ranks high on Joker’s Updates and in fan polls for favorite Big Brother Over the Top houseguest. So when fans found out that Kryssie planned to nominate Alex, they voted like crazy for her to win this week’s care package.

This week, the care package granted one player immunity from nominations and evictions. The winner would also have to become the head of household’s servant.

The anti-Alex and anti-Ball Smashers BBOTT fans wanted Shelby Stockton to win this week’s care package. They wanted her to win it because it prevented Alex from getting it. They also wanted to see the comedy of Shelby having to be Kryssie’s servant for a week.

Around 1:04 BBT, America’s care package arrived. It was for….Alex! Alex Willett won this week’s care package, which puts a major wrench in the Misfits and Kryssie’s plans. They have already started scrambling to figure out which Ball Smasher to target instead of Alex.

Alex Willett Servant suit Big Brother Over the Top

One side of the Misfits wants to target Morgan Willett or Whitney Hogg, while another side wants to take out Scott Dennis or Shelby. America, however, may have different plans and could put a Misfit in danger instead.

Could all the Ball Smashers make it out of this Big Brother Over the Top week?

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