It has been a terrible week for Big Brother Over the Top Ball Smashers and their fans. First, Shelby Stockton won this week’s BBOTT head of household competition. However, America gave Jason Roy the co-head of household care package. This made Shelby share her powers, and eventually made her powerless.

Big Brother Over the Top

Then, Whitney Hogg completely switched sides to join the Late Night Jamboree. Jason sealed the Ball Smashers fate when he won the power of veto.

To make things worse, Jason made sure to trick the Ball Smashers into believing that he had joined their side. Danielle Lickey and him would pretend to form a fake five person alliance.

They would then use the alliance to make the Ball Smashers look like fools during the pover of veto ceremony. During the veto ceremony, it played out exactly how Jason wanted.

He used the veto to take down Danielle. Then he put up Morgan Willett in her place. We immediately got an explosion when the Ball Smashers confronted him about his fake deal. Later, the Ball Smashers had to lick their wounds as they huddled in a corner to accept defeat or figure out a way to stay alive in the BBOTT game.

Tonight, the Ball Smashers got the biggest blow when they lost Alex Willett. The Late Night Jamboree all voted to evict Alex, and America as well.

Alex was evicted from the Big Brother Over the Top house. Someone else will be also leaving the house later today.

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