The only Big Brother Over the Top double eviction became a marathon. Players had to compete in various BBOTT competitions almost all night. It resulted in two evictions and two players being crowned heads of household.

Morgan Willett Big Brother Over the Top

The first head of household competition was all about the Big Brother shopping network. Players had to watch a series of videos. They were then asked seven questions about them. The player to have the most points after seven rounds won it.

If more than one player scored a high score, it went to a tie breaker question. After seven rounds, it was a four way tie between Morgan Willett, Whitney Hogg, Danielle Lickey, and Kryssie Ridolfi.

They went to the tie breaker question. Danielle got an answer closest to the real one, which made her the first head of household of the night. She then cast the tie breaker vote to evict Whitney.

The second head of household competition involved players trying to solve a laser puzzle. They had to adjust mirrors to make sure the laser hit the target. The player to solve the puzzle in the fastest time won the second head of household.

Jason solved the puzzle in about 8 minutes.
Morgan solved the puzzle in a little under 13 minutes.
Kryssie solved the puzzle in about 15 minutes.
Shelby solved the puzzle in about 12 minutes.

However, a mirror broke during Shelby’s turn which caused a big delay in Justin’s turn.

Big Brother Over the Top Lasers

Justin eventually played (several hours later). He ended up disqualifying from the competition by surpassing his 20 minute limit.

Once the competition was done, the houseguests were informed that Shelby and Jason had to face off again tonight to determine a HOH winner.


At about 6: 24 PST (11/10/16) Shelby and Jason once again played the laser competition. Shelby was picked to play first. She immediately figured out the puzzle. Her time came down to a little more than four minutes.

The mirror issues continued as Jason tried to solve his puzzle but his mirror kept moving as well. However, Jason was nowhere near solving it when his issues started. Big Brother went to fishes. When they returned, Jason was still working on the puzzle.


He finished in about 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

The official times were:

Jason: 9:52

Shelby: 4:03.


Shelby is the new head of household!!!

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