America gave Ball Smashers member Shelby Stockton the latest care package. This grants her the power to cancel three votes in the next Big Brother Over the Top eviction. This twist puts a major wrench in current BBOTT head of household Danielle Lickey‘s plans.

Danielle Lickey Big Brother Over the Top

Danielle, of course, wanted to evict one of the Ball Smashers this Big Brother Over the Top week. Despite her troubles with Scott Dennis, she planned to take out Alex Willett. However, she wants to keep Morgan Willett and Whitney Hogg as alternative options on Big Brother Over the Top.

Shelby having this week’s care package basically gives her all the control this week. Of course, the veto and America’s nominee also plays a major role in the outcome of this BBOTT week.

Due to Shelby’s new power, Danielle shift her plans a bit. She plans to nominate Morgan and Shelby for eviction. However, she still plans to evict Alex.

She wants to backdoor Alex by having someone on the Late Night Jamboree win the veto. They will then take off America’s nominee, and then nominate Alex as a replacement.

However, they have completely forgotten that America’s nominee doesn’t get a replacement. If the Late Night Jamboree remembers this, this could change Danielle’s initial nominees.

We will have to see Danielle’s official nominations during tonight’s final BBOTT safety ceremony.

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