It is nearly impossible to be the Big Brother Over the Top head of household and not get any blood on your hands. The best you can hope for is to piss off as little people as possible. Being a Big Brother Over the Top head of household becomes even more complicated with a divided house.


The Misfits and the Plastics have been at war, basically since day 1. Players may claim there is no major division, but everyone sees it. The Plastics have had head of household powers for two weeks in a row. However, America’s nominees have messed up their plans both weeks.

Last week, the Plastics decided just to go with the Misfits and vote out Cornbread. This week, they were given that opportunity again, by nominating Scott Dennis.

However, current head of household Alex Willett decided to not do what the Misfits wanted. She chose to nominate Shane Chapman and Danielle Lickey. America picked Monte Massongill. When Shane won Veto, Alex once again decided to stick with the Plastics.

She put up Kryssie Ridolfi as the Big Brother Over the Top replacement. This sent Kryssie’s side into a tailspin. They ranted about how dumb Alex was for not giving them what they wanted.

They also discussed a plan to nominate Shelby Stockton and Scott. They would then win the Veto and put up Alex as the replacement nominee.

People say a lot in the heat of the moment, so we cannot be sure if the Misfits will stick with this plan, but Alex’s safety going into next week just became a little less clear.

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