Big Brother Over the Top has one of the biggest divides in recent years. We have the Misfits (consisting of Danielle Lickey, Justin Duncan, Shane Chapman, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Neeley Jackson) on one side, and the Plastics (Scott Dennis, Whitney Hogg, Monte Massongill, Shelby Stockton, Alex Willett, and Morgan Willett) on the other side.

Big Brother Over the Top Jeff Schroeder

The last two weeks, The Plastic have gained power. First with Monte winning the first head of household, and then Alex winning it this week. However, the Misfits have had America on their side. This worked in their favor when the Big Brother Over the Top players decided to evict Cornbread, America’s first nominee.

Earlier today, America nominated Monte. After Monte’s nomination, fellow nominees Shane and Danielle, along with Alex picked Veto players. They picked Shelby and Scott.

Jeff Schroeder then arrived to the Big Brother Over the Top house. He was the host of this week’s Power of Veto competition.

We had a mini-golf style punishment competition. The players had the ability to try to hit their giant golf balls into several slots, which included 10 and 30 point ones. Players could use their points to purchase punishments.

Whoever scored 60 points first could buy the power of veto.

Shane started off the competition strong by scoring 30. Danielle really figured out the path to 10 points quickly. She continued to score 10 points until she hit 40 points. Then Alex also scored 30. It took Shelby, Scott, and Monte awhile to score any points.

Big Brother Over the Top Shane and Danielle

After many failed attempts, Shane finally scored 60 and won the Big Brother Over the Top Power of Veto.

Shelby got the golf caddy punishment. She has to wear a caddy suit and hold golf clubs all week.

Danielle got a punishment that  makes her go fishing for golf balls in the pool all week.

Alex got a punishment that alters her sight during the next HOH that she’s eligible to play

Scott got a punishment that would put him in a sand trap for 24-hours. He can only leave to go to the bathroom or eat.

Monte (by default with no points) got the power that made him have to sit out of next week’s Veto competition.

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