The Big Brother Over the Top house wars continue. The Ball Smashers and Scott have held the power three weeks in a row. Their former ally Monte Massongill won the first head of household of the season, Alex Willett won the second, and Scott Dennis is the current BBOTT head of household. Despite being HOHS, the Misfits have came out ahead two of those three Big Brother Over the Top weeks.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 3 Nominations

Despite holding power, the Ball Smashers have lost two members of their team because of America’s nominee. This week, we finally saw a slight change in America’s loyalty. It first started with America nominating Shelby Stockton, Alex, and Danielle Lickey for Have-Nots.

Two members of the Ball Smashers were Have-Nots, but Danielle becoming one as well, showed a little disruption to the normal vote for the Ball Smashers and Scott patterns.

Over the weekend, Ball Smashers and Misfits fans have been voting constantly for the third nominee. The Misfits wanted Morgan Willett as the third nominee, to break up the sisters and take out a Ball Smasher. The Ball Smashers fans have been voting for Danielle, to break up a showmance and take out a Misfit.

In the end, the Ball Smashers fans came out ahead this week. America nominated Danielle Lickey for eviction. Later today, the Big Brother Over the Top houseguests will compete in the veto competition.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 3 America's nomination

The veto players were also picked, and they were Justin Duncan and Alex.

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