The Big Brother 2011 POV Ceremony is done.. Read on for results–

Brendon chose NOT to use to POV- and keep Dom as their primary target.  In all actuality, the couples would’ve been happy to play with Dom, but Dani blew it so badly that unless something major happens, he will be gone this week.

OK- I know I’ve blabbed about the feeds every day. And (as Dani says-blah, blah blah)  But SERIOUSLY– this is THE week!  Not only is it WAR between Jeff and Dani- it’s also sure to be an endurance comp Thursday night.  Trust me.. Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS, give the FREE TRIAL a shot, so you can see how cool it is to be one of the few Big Brother 2011 Fans who get to see the Endurance Comp play out in real time!

Jeff confronted Dom (1:05 BBT on Flashback) on why he was pushing to Backdoor him.  It got heated… He wants him to confess that it was him and Dani that wanted to BD Jeff. Now he’s calling for a meeting to out all this.. Oh BOY!!

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