Big Brother season premiere

There are big changes for “Big Brother 15” this summer on CBS and with so much going on it’s easy to lose track of what all will be different when the season premiere hits. Let’s run through what we know so far for the 2013 season.

The most important change right now is an early premiere for Big Brother. Instead of starting in early July per its usual routine, CBS has moved up the Big Brother 15 start date to June 26, 2013. That’s about two weeks earlier than what we’ve come to expect. But don’t worry, they’re making up for it by running the season longer. What? Oh yeah.

A new promo for Big Brother 15 from CBS says this year will be “starting earlier, going longer.” Now that could either mean the season finale is later than normal, or it’s right on the usual mid-September end date but with the early premiere that translates to a longer season.

Next up for changes is the crucial Big Brother Live Feed. “Crucial” because without them you’re missing most of the real game. For the past 13 seasons we’ve watched the Feeds on Real’s SuperPass, but that won’t happen this year. CBS ended their relationship with Real to self-manage the subscription service.

As for what that means regarding pricing, early bird specials, affiliate programs, well we just don’t know yet. The season premieres is less than four weeks and CBS remains mum on details. We hope they’re working up something great though!

The latest announced change for Big Brother 2013 will be the “After Dark” series. These late-night broadcasts aired on Showtime’s SHO2 as a nightly, uncensored, three-hour peek instead of the BB house. That’s going to be a lot different this year as CBS is moving “Big Brother After Dark” from SHO2 to its newly acquired network, TVGN (TV Guide Network). Along with the channel swap the nightly shows will be reduced to two-hours and run from midnight to 2AM. We also suspect “After Dark” will now require some level of censorship as TVGN is not a premium channel like Showtime which can air more mature content late at night.

All in all these are some significant changes for Big Brother 15. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that all these rapid modifications to our usual BB fare work out for the best. What do you think of CBS’ decisions?

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