In case you didn’t see the update on the previous Big Brother 2011 post, let me confirm again.

Evel Dick Donato has left the Big Brother 2011 Game.  There was some speculation that it was a twist or a trick.. But I do not believe that is so.. 

Dick is a HUGE Big Brother fan.  He’s never strayed far from the game since his own BB8 win. He would not disrespect it or leave it without a very valid reason. As soon as we hear–we’ll let you know.

Another confirmation happened when Dani came out of the DR with the Golden Key— meaning she cannot be nominated for four weeks. It also means she can’t compete in any HOH comps either. It’s a win-lose situation. If there was any chance Dick would return, BB would’ve held off on that.

It’s unclear (even to the HG’s) if Dani will get a double or single vote in the eviction. Losing Dick put a strain on the already minority “Vets.”  Jeff has been working his Jeffy magic though, and seems to be winning a couple of the Newbies over to the Vets side. Shelly and Adam in particular.  So.. we’ll wait until after the POV to start working those numbers, but keep it in mind.  8 Newbies vs. (now) 5 Vets.

And apparently Keith went totally mental, screaming that the Dick thing (you know.. I love it when you can write about Dicks all day and not get into trouble- :))  is a dirty, rotten trick. He also claimed that he had some tricks up his own sleeve.  Oh yes sir he does.. And that they would all– by God– find out what kind of “bombshell” HE could drop after the POV comp.  (uh…Keith? Get a grip, babe)

Aaand….I don’t want to cause mass chaos in the streets or anything…But we almost lost Brenchel, too. Still don’t know quite what caused THAT little freak-out. But Rachel started whining, wanting to go home. With a little help from Dr. Jeff, those two are back in business. (and you can imagine what kind of business- up in that HOH room- ack– burn the sheets.)

So.. regretting that you held out on getting those Feeds, huh? “Just a tiny piece of change, and I could have seen all that for myself,”– you’re telling yourself, aren’t ya?

Well–do not despair my friends! You can still get  Access to the LIVE FEEDS and I’ll even throw in a FREE TRIAL along with the $10 a month in FREE MP3 downloads. lol And thankfully, with the Flashback Feature- you’ll never miss a  moment!

The HG’ are on inside lockdown  while BB builds the POV game–Which will most likely happen tomorrow- putting us back on the regular Big Brother schedule..


And Right now, all the little hamsters are all snug in their beds– even the poor Have-Nots.


One more thing—- I’m no wax fortune teller, but I have a feeling that we don’t want to miss a second of THIS season! Better get those feeds, or at least spend lots of time with us.. Cause otherwise- you’ll miss stuff like this———

J and J snoozing- Jeff must've gotten hot?

PS-personal note- I hate it that we’ve lost any HG this early on- and love him or hate him—As he states on this video–he wouldv’e made the game more interesting!!  **warning- Couple of curse words in this video the day before Dick left for the BB House**


Evel Dick – Season 13 from Patrick ONeill on Vimeo.


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