Celebrity Big Brother 2 Sneak Peek - Inside of the CBB house! (PHOTOS)

Now that we know who is in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast, the only thing left to do before the premiere is to check out the inside of the house! Well, I have good news for all of you, there have been photos released all over social media of the inside of the Celebrity Big Brother house and I have put them all in a slideshow for you below! Keep reading to get your first look at the inside of the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 house! 

Throughout the day we have been seeing pictures of the inside of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house popping up all over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. These photos came from the Big Brother Twitter account, Julie Chen-Mooves’ Twitter and even Executive Producer, Allison Grodner, got in on the action. Here is a slideshow of all the photos I was able to snag for you. Check it out!

SLIDESHOW: Celebrity Big Brother 2 House Photos (Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

The house is described as having a 1940s New York City vibe. I guess with them not having New York (AKA Tiffany Pollard) in the house, they had to make up for it in some way, right? With the 5th Avenue, Hotel and Celebrity themed bedrooms, the Brooklyn Bridge inspired upstairs lounge and the 1940s train car design in the downstairs lounge, it doesn’t get any more like Manhattan than that! The kitchen is designed to replicate a famous restaurant in NYC and has pictures of the season 1 Celebrity Big Brother cast framed on the wall. The bathroom looks like the inside of an old train station and the HOH room looks like something you would find on Broadway!

Shortly after the photos started to appear on social media, a video popped up on the Big Brother Facebook page. It is the traditional video of Julie showing us around the extravagant Celebrity Big Brother house. I have to say, seeing this video makes me really excited for the new season, which is starting Monday! Make sure you check out the full schedule right here after you check out the video tour of the house on the Big Brother Facebook page by clicking right here

What do you think of the inside of the Celebrity Big Brother house? Let me know what you think of the inside of the Celebrity Big Brother season 2 house in the comments below or on social media. Make sure you tune in this Monday and Tuesday starting at 8 pm EST for the two-night premiere and follow along with my live recap right here on Big Big Brother!

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