Yesterday we learned who our HOH on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 was going to be and before they went to bed, we had an idea who the target was. There was a slight change in the plan throughout the day in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get the details!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Spoilers Nominations Announced - Round 4

Last night the HOH had plans of splitting up one of the duos in the house. With a deal in place with the other duo, there was only one other choice. The HOH told us on the live feeds yesterday who that duo was going to be. During the day today, the HOH changed her mind, keep reading to find out why!

Last night, Omarosa planned to put Ross and Marissa on the block, but when Marissa went to talk to Omarosa and learned that her friend and ally, Ross, was the actual target, she went into “Save Myself” mode. She made it a point to make it known that she didn’t do anything against the group, but also added that if she was up against Ross, Ross won’t be the one evicted.

There was also chatter about Omarosa asking Metta if he still wanted to go home, but he told her no. She thought she would just let him go home this round, if that’s what he wanted. Now, Ariadna told Brandi earlier that Brandi wouldn’t be put on the block, but according to deals that were made with James during the HOH and with Mark earlier today, neither of the will go on the block or be BD’d this round. Now all Omarosa needs is a pawn to go up against Ross, or will she go with her original plan and put Marissa up against him? Let’s find out!

Omarosa’s nominations for eviction this week are:

  • Ross
  • Brandi

Now, keep in mind, there is a big twist in the POV this week that you can vote on! Here are the options!

Make sure you click the link above the picture to cast your votes today! Let me know in the comment section or on social media which one you think would make this round the most fun!

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