Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2 we will find out whether Jonathan Bennett or Ryan Lochte will end up being this season’s first HOH. The other will end up being the first nominee on Celebrity Big Brother 2019 thanks to a twist from last night’s episode. If you missed last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, make sure you catch up right here with my full recap! You can find out what happens tonight by refreshing this page!

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother where we left off. With the HGs hearing about the twist that will land Ryan or Jonathan in the HOH and the other on the block. Jonathan is a little nervous that he can’t win against Ryan and starts trying to put together a seven-person alliance including Ryan in order to keep himself safe. Ryan is on board with this alliance and thinks that it’s a great idea for him and Jonathan to work together because Jonathan is a likable person.

Jonathan goes to Lolo and Tamar about this alliance idea and she is on board because it keeps Kandi on her good side. Tamar goes to Kandi and talks to her about the alliance and she is telling Tamar she is all for it, but telling us that it’s just to keep her safe this week. Meanwhile, Lolo and Joey are talking about this alliance while working out. Before they can talk to Joey about the alliance, Joey shuts down the thought of an alliance. He really thinks he can get through this show without being in an alliance.

We got a look at Ryan’s “endless” pool in the yard for him to keep training while he is in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. We then get a look at a conversation between Tom and Anthony about Trump, I kind of zoned out. There seems to be a F4 in place between Lolo, Natalie, Jonathan and Ryan in the works, but Natalie tells us that her ride or die is going to be Lolo in this house. There is another side alliance between Lolo, Natalie, Kandi, and Tamar. A lot of alliances working together in the house really early.

It is time for the competition! Ryan and Jonathon have to completely knock down two billboards with their pictures on them while ziplining. The first one to get both of them completely down will win and the other will be the first nominee of Celebrity Big Brother. Ryan manages to nearly take down both billboards in one pass. In the end, Ryan ends up winning at the end which means that Jonathan is this season’s first nominee. Who will join him on the block? Julie tells Ryan that he needs to name two more nominees! That means that there will be three noms this round!

After the HOH is named, Kato, Tom, and Anthony are talking about making an alliance. That could definitely be interesting. Based on brief chats between Jonathan and Ryan, Dina is definitely looking like a nom and Anthony, but he isn’t sure on Anthony. He has literally mentioned everyone else’s name in his conversations.

It is time for the nomination ceremony! They are doing it in the living room tonight. Ryan chooses Anthony and Tom to join Jonathan on the block! Who will win the POV? We will find out tomorrow! Or, I might have the information for you a little later tonight after the feeds go live! Stay tuned!

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