The Veto Ceremony took place on Thursday inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house and the final nominees were locked in place. It was a rather calm day inside the house all things considered, however, some of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguests had some “aha” moments. Read on to get all the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Thursday’s live feeds right here!

Cynthia and Carson spent the morning trying to figure out how they can possibly keep Carson in the house. Carson says that best-case scenario, Miesha doesn’t use the Veto and they can convince Todrick to vote out Lamar. They also talked about how they were confused when Cynthia wasn’t put next to Carson. They decide to ask Miesha why they weren’t put up together. Miesha tells them that the way she understood the plan was that with Carson and Lamar on the block together, he would have Cynthia as a renom option.

During this conversation, Carson and Cynthia ask Miesha if the three of them and Todrick could make a final 4 deal of some sort. Carson says that it’s fine if they have a deal already with Todd and Lamar, but they have to try. Miesha admits that she has a deal with Todd and Lamar already. After Miesha leaves the room, she goes to tell Todrick about her conversation with Carson and Cynthia. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Carson are wondering if they can get Todrick to vote to keep him over Lamar.

The feeds went down for the Veto Ceremony and when they came back up, we found out that the Veto wasn’t used and Lamar and Carson. Carson tells Cynthia that this is their best-case scenario because now they have the opportunity to convince Todrick to vote to keep Carson.

A little later, Todd talked to Carson and tells him that he has a feeling that Miesha and Todrick are going to gun for him next round (that’s their plan). Carson says that they aren’t going to cut each other and there are only a few options inside the house. Todd wishes that he didn’t have to deal with them because Carson wouldn’t be going this round.

There was a lot of downtime throughout the evening. Later, Carson and Cynthia talked about how to bring their pitch to Todrick. Carson says that he doesn’t think that it’s too much to ask since they had an agreement. Talks turn to Lamar and how he is finally starting to figure out this game and play it. Carson thinks that Todd had the right idea too when he pretended not to know what was going on and then all of a sudden won an HOH.

Todrick helped Lamar pack last night and while they were packing his stuff, they talked a bit. Lamar wondered what they were going to do if his bag was overweight for the plane. Todrick asks Lamar if he knew he wasn’t going home Friday and Lamar tells him he wouldn’t mind if it was him that went. Todrick reassures him that Carson is the target this round, not Lamar.

Todd worried to Cynthia about the next round and tells her that they need to win the HOH. Cynthia also told Lamar that if he wasn’t sitting next to Carson, she would vote for him to stay. Lamar decided that he is going to play to win this next HOH. Later, Todrick complained to Miesha that Todd and Lamar don’t respect him and treat him like a child. Lots of small talk went on before the HGs went to bed.

It is eviction day inside the Celebrity Big Brother house and tonight we will likely say goodbye to Carson. If Cynthia or Lamar don’t win this Head of Household competition, Todd will likely be in trouble. Make sure you come back later for tonight’s two-hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother starting at 8 PM EST!

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