Now that we have a new Head of Household in charge inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house, it’s time to find out which two houseguests will be put on the block for Round 5! Missed our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and have no idea who won the HOH in the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 house last night? Read on to get that information and more right here!

After we said goodbye to Shanna, the rest of the houseguests went out into the backyard and competed in the Head of Household Competition for Round 5 of Celebrity Big Brother. When the feeds came back up after the comp, we found out that Todd won the Head of Household, and I know I wasn’t sure what to think.

Todd knows that Miesha and Todrick are threats, but he has been aligned with them for a while. He also has no idea that they have made a new Final 4 deal with Carson and Cynthia. As most people suspected, Miesha and Todrick seem to have a plan this week and last night on the live feeds, Miesha made sure to help point Todd in the right direction.

The Nominees for Round 5 of Celebrity Big Brother are:

  • Carson
  • Lamar

Todd told Miesha last night that it was obvious that Carson needed to go up this week. Even though Cynthia was supposed to be the other nominee, Todd decided earlier today that he was going to switch up his plan.

This morning, Todd went to Todrick and Lamar and talked to them about the possibility of keeping Cynthia off the block. Lamar has been campaigning to go home, so he is fine with being on the block. Todd knows that it is important to win the veto to make sure that Carson doesn’t come off the block. If Carson does come off the block, Cynthia will go up, but Lamar will go home. Cynthia and Carson don’t know this and Todd is hoping that they don’t find out.

However, I’d like to know in what world Carson wouldn’t use the Power of Veto on himself if he’s on the block. Regardless of who he thinks the target is. Also, what happens if Cynthia manages to win a Power of Veto? She is going to pull Carson off the block and then the only renom options left are Todrick and Miesha. If one of them ends up on the block, do you think that Cynthia and Carson vote them out? It has potential to be an interesting week!

My guess is that the Power of Veto will be happening at some point tomorrow. Be on the lookout for Power of Veto Competition spoilers when it does.

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