The Celebrity Big Brother 3 live feeds were switched on after Thursday night’s episode and throughout the night, we found out who won the Power of Veto and what happened at this week’s Veto Ceremony. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out if the Power of Veto was used and who the current nominees are for round one of Celebrity Big Brother 2022!

When the feeds came back up, we got to listen in on a conversation between Miesha and Chris Kirkpatrick. Chris Kirkpatrick tells Miesha that she should talk to Teddi and see if she could convince Teddi to be loyal to her if she can get the vote to be in her favor. Chris Kirkpatrick tells Miesha that he thinks that Teddi will be more beneficial to Miesha’s game than Mirai and describes Mirai as being a loose cannon.

There was then a conversation between Teddi and Mirai where Teddi tells her not to feel sorry for her. She tells Mirai that she is at peace with whatever happens. After this brief conversation, Teddi goes up to the gym and Todrick goes to talk to her. During their conversation, Teddi made a conversation that he is kicking her out. Todrick tells her that Miesha is kicking her out and Teddi asks if that means he won’t vote her out. He tells Teddi that he is likely going to vote her out.

After a few more conversations, we got some more conversations and eventually got confirmation on a few things. Here is what we got:

  • Carson won the Power of Veto
  • He used the POV on himself
  • Teddi was renominated
  • Teddi and Mirai are nominees at this point

With not knowing what the curse is for the Gala Gift, I’m not going to say that Teddi and Mirai are final nominees. The HGs have been told that even if they aren’t nominated, they could still be in danger. I’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available!

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