It is Power of Veto day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house and there is potential for a bit of a shake-up depending on who wins. If you have missed out on any of our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, make sure you check those out to find out who the HOH is and who they put up during the Nomination Ceremony yesterday. Otherwise, read on to find out which of the remaining houseguests won the Power of Veto on Celebrity Big Brother 2022.

Round 5 of Celebrity Big Brother 3 started off with Todd winning the Head of Household competition on Monday night. Tuesday they had the Nomination Ceremony where Todd put up Carson and Lamar for eviction. Todd had decided last minute that he was going to keep Cynthia off the block and Todrick and Miesha thought nothing of it.

There are only six houseguests left inside the house which means they all competed in this Power of Veto Competition. The plan going in was pretty simple. If Miesha, Todd, or Todrick won the POV, they would keep the nominations the same. They knew that it was important to win so that they could get Carson out this round.

If Lamar or Carson won, they would save themselves and Cynthia would go up. However, if Cynthia won the POV, then she would use it on Carson and they would both be safe. This would force Todd to put Todrick or Miesha on the block next to Lamar. So who won the Power of Veto? Let’s find out!

The POV Winner for Round 5 of Celebrity Big Brother is:

  • Miesha

Miesha winning the POV is not good news for Carson. She will likely keep the nominations the same and Carson will be voted out by Todrick and Miesha on Friday night.

When the feeds came back up Todd was talking to Lamar in the HOH. Lamar has been campaigning to go home for a couple of days and has implied that he is okay with being sent home. Todd was asking Lamar if he wanted to go this round or if he could hold out for one more week. Lamar hasn’t given anyone an answer on whether or not he wants them to vote him out this round or if he can hang out one more week.

As of right now, the plan is to send Carson out the door, but if that should change I will have spoilers for you when they are available!

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