Tonight we will watch as the Celebrity Big Brother HGs compete in the first POV comp of the season. If you missed last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, you can get all the details of last night’s episode right here! Make sure you keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode here!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Episode 3 - POV and Live Eviction!

After we watch the HGs compete in the first POV comp of Celebrity Big Brother, one of the HGs will be voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house! Who will it be? Let me know who you think will go home tonight in my Eviction Poll right here and make sure you stick around to find out if you were right! Remember to refresh this page often for all the details of tonight’s episode!

We start tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother started off with the aftermath of the noms ceremony. Chuck is mad that he ended up on the block, but he is excited about the POV comp and his chance to take himself off the block. Keshia and Chuck have a conversation after and he tells her that he isn’t sure that the noms would have been any different if Shannon was the HOH.

The plan is to evict James because he is annoying and a bit of an egomaniac. Shannon is working on James, trying to make him feel like he isn’t the target. This is to keep James from gunning it for the POV. Mark and James are talking outside about the POV and Mark tells him that he would use the POV on James if he won it. Omarosa and Keshia are talking and Omarosa tells us that she has her key alliance with Shannon, but she has a side alliance with Keshia. Keshia tells her that she thinks the rest of the HGs will pin them against each other.

It is time for the POV players to be picked. Keshia, James, and Chuck will be joined by Shannon (Keshia’s HGs choice pick), Ari (James’ pick) and Mark (Chuck’s choice). Omarosa is the host for this comp. James was bummed when he didn’t pick Mark’s name, but he had to have been relieved when Chuck picked his name. Keshia and Mark talk later and she asks him who he would save if he won the POV and he tells her that he is leaning more towards James.

We now go into the live show where Julie is playing a game of True or False Headlines with the HGs to give them some idea of what’s going on with the outside world. They are told about music, sports, Kylie Jenner’s baby and some politics. They were even told about the Eagles winning their first ever Super Bowl.

It is now to see how the POV comp played out! They are told to put on their robes and head to the spa, but it’s not any spa. It’s the Four Sneezons! They will have to crawl through the mud and dig through goo in search for letters, they will then use these letters to spell the longest word they can in order to win the POV. While all the POV players are finding letters, Brandi and the rest of the HGs are on the sidelines drinking champaign.

The competition is over and we are about to find out what words they spelled. Ari spelled “waing” which she wanted to be “warning.” Mark spelled “some” and Keshia spelled “Primed” which gives her the lead. Shannon spelled “responsibilities” and takes the lead and I’m sure no one is going to beat that. James attempted to spell “family” but he dropped his “y” and Chuck spelled “spanned” which isn’t enough letters to beat Shannon. Shannon has won the POV. Ari and James came in last and will have to endure the “Bro-Tox” punishment. I can’t wait to see what this is.

All of the women are super excited about Shannon winning the POV because then their noms will stay the same. However, Keshia wants Mark to feel like his game is in jeopardy because he told Keshia that he would save James if he won. Shannon doesn’t have a problem with that, but she wants to make amends with Chuck because he is mad at her for him being on the block, even though it wasn’t her that put him there. Ross is upset because he doesn’t see the point in getting another person mad at Shannon and he feels like he isn’t seen in the “all-girl” alliance. Ross is losing trust in his alliance.

Ross has a conversation with Marissa because he feels like he is being discounted and Marissa feels awful for not speaking up to the others. It is time to find out what Ari and James’ punishments are, they have to dress like babies and crawl around for the next 48 hours. Every time they hear the baby crying over the speakers, they have to suck on these plastic bottles. It’s hilarious!

Before the POV Ceremony, Ross and Shannon have a serious conversation about whether or not to use the POV. She then goes to Keshia and the rest of the group and tells them that she doesn’t want to use it because she doesn’t want to get anymore blood on her hands and she already made a promise to Mark not to put him in that position. Keshia is annoyed and Omarosa is also and both of them are jumping down her throat. She is also not getting any backup from Ross who told her she shouldn’t use it. Brandi does mention that it doesn’t matter if they use it or not, the target is still the same. Omarosa then jumps at her. Things are starting to crumble in the “all-girls + Ross” alliance.

Before the POV, Omarosa and Shannon have a private conversation. Shannon tells her that it was brought to her attention that this might not be the best move, but Omarosa is still telling her that they should use this opportunity to scare Mark. It is time for the POV Ceremony! Keshia and Omarosa want her to use it, but Shannon doesn’t want to use it. What will she do? She decides not to use it and go against Omarosa and Keshia.

We then had a quick Q&A with some past winners including Ian, Derrick, Nicole and Josh. When we get back from commercial, we should be getting into the live vote! Before the vote we get a look at the campaign for James to stay and cause a flip vote. It starts with Shannon and Ross talking about how they don’t trust their alliance and that turns into Shannon telling Ross that there is a big part of her that wants to get Chuck out and make a deal with James. Ross knows that this is a pretty good game move for him too. Shannon tells Marissa, Ari and Brandi that Keshia is making deals with Chuck. The deal involves not putting her and Omarosa up if the guys get power. Ross is there for the conversation and she tells them all that if they don’t take this opportunity, they are stupid because they are getting played.

It is now time for the live vote! Can Shannon and Ross pull off this huge blindside? We are about to find out!

  • Brandi – Chuck
  • Ariadna – Chuck
  • Omarosa – James
  • Ross – Chuck
  • Metta – Chuck
  • Marissa – Chuck (this is enough to evict Chuck)
  • Shannon – Chuck
  • Mark – Chuck

They pulled it off! They got the blindside! Omarosa and Keshia are not going to be happy about this one! Omarosa and Keshia’s facial expressions are priceless! Chuck goes to talk to Julie and while talking to her he tells her that he wasn’t surprised about being evicted. Julie tells him that he gets to vote in the jury, but gets to go home and watch it unfold at home. He mentions that he is going to go back and see how they treated him behind his back. He will be on The Talk on Monday to chat.

We will not be seeing the HOH comp tonight on television, but I will have the results for you a little later tonight when the feeds come back up! See you all then!

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