Hello my Dahlings! Know what time it is? You guessed it! It’s time to play everyone’s favorite Big Brother 14 Game… Who’s Gonna Win?

As we all know (thanks to those awesome folks who got to watch it for real in the studio and shared it with us) with Jenn evicted, and the players down to the Final Four–everything about the way the game has been played up to now changes dramatically .

The winner (Danielle) of the F4 HOH basically has little or no power. What they DO have is safety and a guaranteed spot in the Final Three. As I mentioned last night, nominations mean little to nothing as well. Everything.. and I mean ABSOLUTELY everything about this week…depends on who wins VETO.

Not only does the winner of the POV garner the second spot in the F3–he will also be the sole vote to evict. This is a very powerful and difficult spot. And it’s usually some of the best TV of the whole year!!!!

(Again, I’m betting that the final POV of the season is played out late tonight–and will surely be Face Morph)

Now that we’re down to it..Let’s do a little analyzing. A little calculating. Throw up a few scenarios and see where the chips fall.. (into Danielle’s mouth, maybe?) OK, OK, sorry.. That one was just too easy..

Down to serious business now.

Danielle is HOH. She will most likely put up Ian and Dan–she’ll try to act like the Dan nom is in retaliation, but in reality–she and Dan know it means nothing at this point.

But what will happen if…….


Danielle wins POV?? Dan vs Ian vs Shane This is the only person with three choices. Historically, this scenario tends to make the other players extremely nervous. Still, I believe she’d leave the noms the same. She knows that Shane will do what he’s told, while she can’t be absolutely sure of Dan. PLUS–another week to stalk–oops, I mean talk–to her Boo. Add to that that she’s not nearly as close to Ian as to the others, and this one’s a no-brainer.

Dan wins POV?? Ian vs Shane. Here is gets a little harder, cause I know Dan is not a thousand percent sure if Shane’s little “Olympic Date” with Danielle put him just a skotch higher on Dani’s F2 list. But in the end, I believe Dan will vote out Ian. Dan knows without a doubt that if he takes Ian–He/Ian will win and Dan cannot be King Dan any more. Dan HAS to win. I think a lot of it is, he wants to say he’s better than Boogie. Better than Dr. Will. If he wins, it is incontrovertible. No one has ever won twice. If he comes in second, the title becomes a little murky. He won’t risk that when he KNOWS he can beat both Dani and Shane.

Ian wins POV?? Shane vs Dan. See, this is the one that infuriates and puzzles most of us BB watchers, and makes us want to reach in there and grab that bee-bopping kid and pin him to the wall. COME ON, IAN!! VOTE DAN OUT OR YOU WON’T WIN!! BECAUSE- if Ian has the Veto, and doesn’t vote Dan out right now, Dan will never pick him for F2–and will never allow Himself to be put in the position where he’ll be up against Ian. BUT–see, Ian WANTS to say he beat the great Dan Gheesling. He’s throwing in all his cards. All or nothing. So–if Ian wins, I *sigh* say he votes out Shane. Ian, too, wants the title.

Shane wins POV?? Dan and Ian are up–Eesh.. This one is easy. Shane is playing for second, unless he goes with Danielle. I think he knows that. And since the poor guy is either too (I don’t want to say dull-witted, but something like that) or just too damn nice, he won’t vote out his biggest rival, Dan. Wait. Dude– how freaking amazing…brutal…and MIND-BLOWING would it be if he did, though?? Can you imagine? We’d all be gaping at the TV, hamburger helper falling from our mouths, going like…What the Hell?? What if the dude’s been playing the “not the sharpest knife in the drawer card” the whole game, then comes in and crushes all of them at the end?? Wow, I WISH.. But as my Uncle Earl says–Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first. So– ain’t gonna happen. Dan will Mist him and Danielle will promise anything, she may even agree to quit writhing up against him all the time, if he’ll just vote their way… and he’ll do it… Shane will vote to evict Ian.

To Recap:

My Predictions for F3:

Shane votes out Ian———-D/D/S

Danielle votes out Ian——–D/D/S

Dan votes out Ian————-D/D/S

Ian votes out Shane———–D/D/I

So– these are my predictions. This weekend, after Thursday’s show, we’ll start looking at F2, but from my perspective, it’s not looking too good for wee Ian, huh?

What do you guys think?? Tell Auntie Janet all your thoughts and predictions!

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