Hi guys! It’s Auntie Janet. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and to ask…



First, I want to say that Todd is doing a fantastic job with Bigbigbrother this year! *round of applause, please* THANKS TODD! 🙂

I miss you all (and writing for the site) something fierce. But I recently completed my novel AND signed with a New York literary agency. (Squee!) So with deadlines, etc. now, I just wasn’t sure I could give BBB the attention it deserved. I’m so, so grateful that Todd stepped in! 

So.. on to the REAL issues here.  These misogynistic, insane, bigoted houseguests.

I…am appalled. Absolutely freaking appalled at some of the language being thrown around on the LIVE FEEDS. If you don’t have them, trust me on this– run, don’t walk to sign up!! This group of HG’s is in a class by themselves. Including…

The little Texas sweetheart, Aaryn and her crony in crime, Gina Marie .  Dear lord. Have we EVER seen HG’s quite like these before? I’m seriously blown away by the openly racist remarks.

Remember the good old days when Adam Jasinski got eviscerated for saying the “R” word” And these two don’t even seem worried about it. Did they NEVER watch the show? Did they do NO research once they made it to the finals? Guess not, or they’d realize what happens to a despised HG when they get out. (Ask Natalie Martinez) Perhaps if they had–maybe these “ladies” would learn to  STFU.

We’ve suffered bigots on the show before, but never this many and never so openly. As expected, the house is split between the “older” folks and the “younger.” Now, considering the fact that they are all around the SAME age, it should more aptly be split between…. “Horrifying Immature” and “Not QUITE as Horrifyingly Immature.”


Aaryn…*shudder*… You, Jessie (who makes me cringe), Kaitlin (who I WANT to like), and  Gina Marie (who is like that mom we all knew in high school who tries to relive her own childhood by dressing and acting like a teen herself? Sad… very sad…)–are acting like a bunch of bratty, inbred thirteen-year-olds. And seriously, what’s up with the jealousy?? Dude.. you’ve known these guys for less than TWO WEEKS! How about growing your own pair and start acting like WOMEN instead of silly girls!

I’m disappointed in Spencer. As a fellow Arkansan, I had high hopes for the big guy. Alas, he too has jumped in on the homophobe train. And though he IS an engineer, I believe he’s only riding caboose to fit in with the “guy’s guys” like Jeremy and David.

But wait…there’s still hope for this cast. And you’ll only know that by signing up for the LIVE FEEDS. Even if you don’t have time to watch 24/7– CBS has done a fantabulous job with the Highlights. I really enjoy those, since I don’t have the time I had in the past. You just scroll down.. Click on titles such as.. McCrae as Urkel. Howard and Nick talk strategy. And you just KNOW the word “meltdown” is going to be in play a lot!

Howard (quiet), Andy (adore!),  Judd (still unsure about him) and Nick, all seem like decent guys–at least so far. I think Nick intrigues me the most. (And I’m kinda digging on him) He’s playing a very low-level game, a la Dan Gheesling in his first season. I’ll be keeping a close watch on him.

What do ya’ll think? Who is your favorite–or at least most interesting HG so far?

On the female front we have Amanda–who has skated the edge with the other air-head girls, but not crossed over the line. Her “show/sexmance w/McCrae (and hey–who knew Pizza Boy’s had game?) could prove detrimental IF she ends up falling on the “Jr. High” side of the house. Candice and Helen seem pretty cool.  When Aaryn corrected Candice’s grammar–telling her it’s “asked” not “axed” she stayed dignified.  I was impressed.

Then there’s Elissa.  Sure, she’s Rachel’s sister. But she doesn’t ACT like Rachel. (whew!) And you know the old saying, don’t you?   You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.. Oh, WAIT– nope, wrong analogy. You can’t pick your RELATIVES. That’s the one I wanted. 

IN any case, I think–if Elissa makes it through the next couple of weeks–she could be a good asset for the “older side.” I agree with Amanda in that she will likely be MVP–at least until a hero emerges. Raise your hand if you are longing for another helluvagreatguyorgal like a Jeff or a Jordan. Another slick, but decent mastermind like a Dan. Or even…a badass bully with a heart of gold like  an Evel Dick.  I doubt any of these Big Brother 15 pups can pull it off. But one can always hope.

I won’t go into the voting strategies. Looks like Todd has a handle on that. I just thought I ‘d pop in every now and then with an op/ed piece– see what ya’ll are thinking.  I miss you and I miss bigbigbrother.com. Come hang out with us, though, cause we’ve still got the best info in town!

See ya soon!!

Auntie Janet

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