Big Brother 14 UPDATE Below- read what Jun-Winner of BB4-says about the Newbies. 

We’re sitting in the quiet before Hurricane BB14 hits, folks.

That mellow time when we get in all of our out-of-door activities (if it’s not a gazillion degrees outside) and enjoy friends and family….
Cause once July 12th at 9/8Central hits, all us BB14 superfans go into Big Brother hibernation mode and don’t come out till September…mole-like…pale and squinting.


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YAY!! Good luck!!

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Now- on to the show….

UPDATE!!  Thought this ball-ripping (erp–I mean analysis)  of the HG’s by BB4 winner Jun Song was AWESOME! 

Check it out:  JUN Rips on the Newbies. 

The HG’s are already in the BB House and have played the first HOH comp!

According to the Pic– Kara was the first one in, followed by JOJO, Joe and Willie. But that could be deceiving, as the first “spilled” photo is often the second or third group. This will likely be our last view of the HG’s until Thursday night. so soak up in, guys…

We’re down to the wire, too, on our Big Brother 14 Mentor guesses. With four previous, and twelve newbies, it only makes sense. Rumor has it there’ll be a ‘schoolyard’ pick on premiere night, and whichever vet’s team does better will will their own–separate–prize.

For the four Mentors– Here’s our best guess—



How are you feeling about our guesses?  And do you agree??

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As the week goes on- and the HG’s are buttoned down tighter than a penguin’s…well, you know… We’ll start coming up with ALL kinds of info *cough-dirt* on the Newbies!

Stay Tuned!!  Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and Sign up for our Daily Email Updates to keep up with ALL the happenings.. This week will be just SQUIRMY with news!!




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