Holy Cow! The gurus at Big Brother 14 have  done it.. They’ve shocked even us old-time pro BB watchers.. NO ONE called a game re-set.  I mean, come on!! I LOVE IT!

Its done! The last three standing–Danielle, Ian and Brit have cut a deal and…

DANIELLE HOH!!  MUCH more in am!!

1st-3rd down—BOOGIE  followed quickly by Jenn and Joe.

Then-Ashley, Dan, Frank, Wil, Shane,  and Janelle

Left at 9:48 BBT Danielle, Brit and Ian. Check in in AM for winner!

AND Frank got saved, which was just terrific! Boogie looked pissed, but that’s only cause he didn’t know how close he came to losing Frank.

The other Coaches already knew what they were gonna do.. So it was a no-brainer.

We’ll be updating this post with pics and info throughout the night. And in the early hours will post the winner! EPIC!

STAY TUNED or SIGN IN TO YOUR LIVE FEEDS for the outcome of the ongoing Endurance Comp, as we watch it play out in REAL TIME!!


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