I’ve been an analyst of this game for a long time. But the  thought processes of some of the people in this Big Brother 14 game just defy logic.

First…as Seinfeld said to Elaine when George got engaged… You wanna hear… “The BIG News”

Danielle won Veto.  And here’s where I stand corrected.

In my last post, I neglected to say what happens if this odd turn of events occurs. If the HOH wins POV (which has now happened) the remaining HG–who is not on the block–casts the only vote to evict, since of course, the HOH cannot vote.

At the time of this writing, Dan and Ian (as we predicted) are on the block. But it looks as though Danielle has decided to pull Dan down, and put Shane up in his place. Her reasoning for this is to “throw Dan off of her and Shane’s F2 deal.” So…it appears maybe the big date (AND the flash of tongue we saw in the Limo) did the trick, and–given the choice–Danielle would now choose Shane over Dan in F2.

Shane is totally behind this, by the way. It looks like he agrees with Danielle using POV on Dan. I mean –ARGHH–you AGREE to go on the block in Final 4?? Just so you don’t have blood on your hands?  Dude–Ball up. You could get Dani to keep it the same, but no.. At this stage of the game you gotta keep yourself safe at all costs.. BONEHEAD.

Where does that leave us? It leaves us with Dan deciding who goes tonight. Now I don’t have to tell you that Dan is no dummy. I’m guessing he can smell the change in the air, Veto use or no. Now, given the opportunity to take out either the beloved-by-the-jury Ian or the beloved-by-Dani Shane, Dan has a hard choice in front of him. If Dan gets a WHIFF that Danielle might take Shane over him…we MIGHT see Dan give Captain America the boot–thereby ensuring that both Ian and Dani would take him.

In the law of statistics–do you evict the person you KNOW won’t take you, or the person you PROBABLY can’t beat in front of a jury? It’s not an easy decision.

Ian seems to accept that he will likely go home tonight, though he made a point of saying how much everyone in the jury “hates” him. I don’t know if it will work, but it may be the only strategy he has left.

I’ll tell you one thing, though. If Shane makes it through this eviction, you gotta give the guy props. Last night he slept in the HOH bed with Danielle. And the more I watched their nauseating exchange on the LIVE FEEDS-FLASHBACK 2:35 am BBT (where she pleaded with him over and over and over and over and OVER to “please be sweet”) I noticed something. While she begged him for a kiss, Shane told her “Well, if there are only three of us left in the house tonight, and I’m one of them, then I’ll be sweet and there MAY be more kisses.” I suddenly thought to myself…Hmmm, Dude DOES have game. He’s holding the kisses hostage against the surety that he’ll be safe tonight. It was a threat. “If you keep me safe…I’ll like you.” It’s a strategy. But one that I believe will bite him right in his taut little butt when he gets out. Cause I’m betting the guy runs for the hills when the game is over. I’m talking changing his name and going into witness protection. It was more than obvious when she straddled him like a jockey running at the Preakness, and tried to go in for kiss. Shane (my God could I be more obvious) Meaney, pressed his face into the mattress–nearly smothering himself–to get away from her. THEN, when she refused to stop, he dumped her. Literally. (Is this a portent of things to come?)

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I will admit this– after a looooonggg time of begging, Shane did finally give in and give Danielle a “real” kiss. He then backed away and said–okay. That’s enough, that was more than one. So, she got what she wanted. Who knows what’s in someone’s heart. But I will say this—I’d do the tongue-twister with just about anyone for a half-million dollars, wouldn’t you?
In the end, though, we’re back to this…WWDD?? What will Dan do?  Thoughts??


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