Let’s get this Big Brother 14 party started!
Today started out GREAT with the fabulous Julie Chen dishing it up on the Talk.

Now, she didn’t really tell us anything we hadn’t already figured out- but still…it’s nice to hear it from the Chen-bot herself!

We also got some new pics–a little sneak-peak at tonight’s premiere!

The last picture might explain why we saw Ian carrying around a teddy-bear on the leaked feeds a couple of days ago. Uh…at least one hopes..

Before we begin this Big Brother 14 magical journey…This summer treat above all others… Let’s chat for a sec about the Mentor-Twist. We heard it for ourselves. Julie confirmed that the Mentors are going to be playing their own game. What that will be, and how much they’re playing for.. is still a bit of a mystery, though it appears that the Mentors cannot be voted off, that they’ll stay in the game until their “Mentees” are voted off. It’s brilliant, actually, because it keeps the Vets on the show longer, and gives them incentive to truly work with the folks they team up with.

Don’t delay any longer! You only have a few hours till the launch of the…..

So–Let’s think about the attributes of these past HG’s.

  • Calm, charismatic Dan. Will his coaching skills take his team to the top?
  • Vivacious, flirtatious, two-timer Janelle. Will she light firecrackers under hers?
  • Smooth, everyone’s buddy- Boogie. He’s never played the game without a tight alliance. Will that experience pull his Newbies together?
  • Fiesty, fiery Britney–Will she teach her team to learn from her mistakes and be careful who they trust?
What’s your bet??
Psstt—I predict Brit and Janelle will clash early on- and if their teams follow suit– we are in for one HECK of a season!
Have you signed up for your LIVE FEEDS?? You still have time to sign up HERE with us– before the Feeds go live after the show airs on the west coast! And don’t forget to enter our BIG BROTHER 14 LIVE FEED CONTEST!!! 
Our long, long wait is almost over, guys!! Cause it’s ON, Baby!


STAY TUNED for all the up-to-the-moment Spoilers and Happenings! Cause as soon as those feeds go live– we don’t pull punches. We tell it like it is and delve DEEP into the minds, characters, motivations and just plain jack-assery of the BB14 Houseguests.

We LOVE you, our fellow Big Brother 14 fans!! We know there are lots of Big Brother sites, and we can’t tell you how much it means that you choose to spend your season with us.
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