Well the masks have come off in Big Brother 14. Or, actually I should say Danielle’s mask has come off.

It wasn’t much of one in the first place. WE saw through her, didn’t we? But Danielle’s “sore loser” side is coming out in such a momumental way, that even though in the past, I’ve been upset with Ian–if I could, I’d gather the little guy up in my arms and rock him. Though most of this is a plan by she and Dan. As Dani put it: “If you put me out, I will taint the Jury against you. If Dan cuts me, I expect it–so then I’d judge by speeches. If you think Dan will be nice to you in his speech, you’re a fool. He is gonna BURN you, Ian…You don’t even know. Whoever cuts me…I will ruin their game forever.”

Pshaw.. Yeah right. Stupid Danielle, you’ll have like two minutes to work your magic. Good luck with that. And as any proper Southern lady is taught by her mama as soon as she can talk…. As long as you use a certain phrase–you can insult anyone and it doesn’t count against you. Example: That Lucy-Mae’s baby is not very cute, bless her heart.  OR  Boy, Salli-Lou’s butt is getting bigger every day, bless her heart. So–I can say this with impunity...’Danielle, Sugah– I feel so bad for you, when you learn that America doesn’t view you as a ‘sweet’ girl in a Showmance. Oh no, honey. We think you’re a raving lunatic–Bless Your Heart–who is finally showing your true character.

After Danielle ravaged Ian, she then went in to talk to Dan about how much it will suck if she has to leave there with nothing but “cancer surgery” to look forward to. OOOOOOOO, I’d like to rip one of those fricken enormous zits right off her face!

Though it’s upsetting Ian and ruining his last few days in the house with her exponentially-increasing brattiness–I don’t think Ian’s buying it. And the way she’s treating him is only hardening his resolve NOT to take her if he wins. THIS too, may be part of Dan’s plan for his own safety, since he’s the one egging her on….

But let’s put that aside for now (cause until the F3 on Finale Night, it’s all moot anyhow) and talk about Jury Votes.

But before we do– I just want to say Thank you!!!! And tell you how much I enjoyed spending this season with all of you. If it wasn’t for you, the readers and commenters, this would be no fun at all! It’s been a wonderfully wacky year, and I hope you’ll come back–sign up with us for the LIVE FEEDS--(it’s your patronage of the FEEDS that keeps this site going) and join me next season–which is sure to be even bigger and better, as everyone is expecting an…….ALL STARS! But if it isn’t, I think we all hope to see a pack of all-newbies. Either way, I want you to know that I’ll miss all of you! And I hope to see you back next season, and that you’ll choose to spend it here with old Auntie Janet at Bigbigbrother.com. God Bless and have a safe, happy year! 

*wipes away tear*  OK–*sniff*–enough emotion..

Let’s get down to brass tacks…Historically, the Jury Votes for the best player. The one who was the “getter” in the “I got ‘got’ game.” But Dan’s behavior this season was so outrageous, that it could change the name on the key they place in the box.

As it stands now–here is how I believe the Jury Votes will fall out.

FIRST–People forget that when they aired the first  JH footage, Frank had JUST been evicted–and screwed over for the umpteenth time.

IF Frank’s the true Big Brother fan I believe he is–I think he’ll come around and vote for the best player in the end.

Joe seemed to be the most indignant over the emotional manipulations that Dan employed during the “funeral” I think he thinks Dan is a scumbag. (Well….) End of story…And he’s a single-minded enough person that he’ll think that if Dan wins and picks Danielle, that she would “deserve” the win for all she’s been through. I think Jenn will vote for Dani, too, since she is SERIOUSLY all about “girl power”…UNLESS Britney can make her understand. Dan’s dirty, no doubt about it, and most of his tactics (using the bible, particularly) were absolutely reprehensible and unnecessary, as I’ve said.

But you cannot argue with the results. (well you can–and should if you wish, actually.)

But here’s how I think it plays out–Debate!


Ashley–Dan (see Frank’s vote below)


Frank–Dan (IF he can get over his anger-he’ll influence Ashley’s vote)




Ian–Dan (even if Dan picks Danielle, Ian will never choose her after the way she treated him)

Dan-4 Danielle-3


Dan/Ian  (here it gets more complicated–since Britney is such a huge Ian fan)


Brit–TOUGH one…argh….she’ll be the deciding vote here, I think.. And I just don’t know. Guess I’ll say….Ian in the end. She’s a sharp cookie and will see the genius behind the evil, BUT she loves Ian and Dan has won before…




Shane–Ian (unless Dani’s ‘taint’ can work her magic–lol)

Danielle–Dan (no matter who cuts her)

Dan-2 Ian-5


Dani/Ian (ugh, Geebus no…)







Dan—will vote for Danielle, though he probably would WANT to vote for Ian. But that would be just TOO much, after all he’s done to that psychotic mess.

Ian-4 Danielle-3

Now–as I said…..I love you all—-now LET THE DEBATE BEGIN!!!

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