Look out guys, Cause it’s looking like it’s gonna be a Catfight week in Big Brother 14.

We’ve seen this plenty of times in the past. When the guy-threat is safe, and two girls are being pitted against each other. It’s gonna get catty, ya’ll. In fact…it already has.

Last night, most of the girls  performed a series of dance-moves with Wil (playing his alter-ego, “Craig”) for the rest of the house. It was actually really funny watching Wil portaying a straight, poser-rapper-dude.

Check it out on FLASHBACK 10:20 BBT

Most of the house had a great time watching…Everyone but Jojo, who was hurt at being left out of the fun.


Later, the Jojo-bashing began in the kitchen, as Janelle and Ashley told Danielle they’d support her to stay, by pretending to be friends with Jojo, so Boogie’s team will view Jojo as more of a threat. Then…they’ll cut her off at the knees.

Now, I’m all for strategizing. It’s how you survive in the BB House. But some of the tactics Janelle puts in place is a bit…well…I hate to keep using the word catty.. as a female, it seems a bit degrading. And yet…

Pretending to befriend someone, just to stab them in the back? Now, Jojo’s personality is hard to take sometimes. She interrupts people. And her cocky attitude rubs folks the wrong way. Still…it just seems wrong, somehow.

In other news–Shane and Frank talked possible secret alliance, planning to work together behind the scenes.

This is yet another reason to Sign up for your FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS. Because as great as the Network show is, you have to understand one thing. They show you what they want you to see. They lead things in the direction THEY want you to go. It’s only on the feeds (and to a lesser degree Showtime’s BBAD) that you get the truth of what’s REALLY going on in that house.




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