Bye, bye Kristin. I, for one, will not miss you in Big Brother 2010.

Ragan is the saboteur??  Hmmm..and Enzo was America’s second choice?  I think we might have dropped the ball there.  Ragan is way too timid to make a sucessful sabo. I mean, he might surprise us, but I SO wanted Britney. She would have rocked that position. Enzo would have made me vomit..

I thought the edit CBS gave Kristin was really interesting.. The boyfriend was WAY hotter than Hayden, is she NUTS?? I feel really sorry for him, but he is much better off.  Played with dignity??? Uh..since when is cheating dignified??

If you do not have the LIVE FEEDS, you REALLY need to jump on them here right now.. I TOLD you we had an awesome endurance comp coming up and WOOWEE.. This one looks to be  one of the classic, long–LONG lasting ones..

Here is a little taste of what we Live Feeders are viewing right now..

Brit gets slapped


Brendan is NOT happy

OK- I am gonna just admit it.. WIMPIEST HG’s EVER!!!  Pathetic wimps!  Makes me MAD!!

BB spent two days putting this together and these wimps fell in minutes.  Sorry guys..  Sorry..

Oh.. In case anyone cares..  Matt refused to fall for Ragan, so Ragan got down and Matt is the new HOH.

At least the wheeling and dealing will start tomorrow…

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