Quick view of pre-show HG’s

Brit and Rachel discuss her boobs- which are, just, OUT there tonight

Tonight is the Big Brother 2010 Week 2 Live Eviction Show.

We made it through the second week, and there has been drama a-plenty.

We had our first couple of big-time blowups and (ta-da) our first House Meeting/Callout.

It certainly has not been boring.

BIG NEWS!! Info from the LIVE FEEDS, is that we are going to have a……wait for it……..Endurance Comp tonight!! (and btw- it’s my birthday as well.. so what a great present!)

Image from the BY-

Getting set up for endurance comp?

The HG’s have been on Indoor lockdown since noon yesterday. That usually indicates a big endurance comp. Brew a pot of coffee, and get ready.

Last night, on the CBS show, I was thrown for a loop. Who knew? Matt LIED to the house about his wife’s disease??  wow.. I haven’t seen anything that low, since Johnny Fairplay lied about his dead grandmother on Survivor. That changed my view of Matt forever.

Matt plays it dirty

It was hilarious that Andrew (hello.. a DOCTOR, not a shoe salesman) saw through it. That is going to bite Matt in the a$$ later. Why do that? Really.. His poor wife. Doesn’t he know about Karma?

Tonight we will see either him or Monet go home. I would imagine that we will have an 8-0 vote, unless Monet gets a sympathy vote or two.

The BIG NEWS, of course, is the upcoming Endurance Comp tonight!!

Sign up, Sign up, Sign up!!  This is the number one, best feature of the LIVE FEEDS!  Only on the Live Feeds, do you get to watch the Endurance Comp played out in real time.  It is some of the best footage on Big Brother. I have sat up and watched a marathon of wheelin’,dealin’, double-crossin’– you name it!!

What do you guys think of Matt’s deception? Game play or just ugly??

Will the two showmances continue? Will the lies keep flying?? Stay tuned.. For these are the days of the Big Brother Life..

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