Remember waaayy back in week one of the Big Brother 2011 house?  Oh wait, it’s only Week two… But reflecting back on the way we started.. Things have changed. Oh yes, my friends, things have changed.

On the surface–if you aren’t paying attention–it may still look like it’s still Vets vs. Newbies. It may look that way. But guys– watch and wait. The undercurrent that’s flowing through the house is very different from the fierce, clear-cut Vets vs Newbies of the first week.

From comments, exchanged glances and whispers throughout the last few days, I predict we’ll soon see the house break down into a very different rivalry. Soon…Very soon.. I see it splitting into Brenchel vs. JeJo. With their various followers on each side.  If that happens, as I believe it will… Whose side would you be on?

Yep. They’re still playing together…For the moment.. But if you watch the LIVE FEEDS carefully, and notice the eye rolls and body language, you’ll see the animosity building between these two duos.  If you still don’t have the feeds, Sign up for them here- and give that FREE TRIAL a go.. You’ll be shocked at what you see and sense for yourself, on the Feeds, vs. what CBS shows you.

Yesterday, Jeff and Jordan were up in HOH, Rachel and her mouth. Jordan told him that she is worried that Brenchel will try to get rid of them as soon as they can. Now, have you notices that Jeff’s a very different dude from the amiable, easy-going guy from season 11???–He’s much quicker to anger and seems not to suffer fools very well. He turned to Jordan and said, “I don’t think Brendon would do that. But if Rachel does it, I’ll make her cry every day.

As for the rest of the HG’s in the Big Brother 2011 house.  There’s not a whole hell of a lot to report.   Cassi is half-heartedly campaigning to stay. Shelly continues to keep her mouth shut. Dani has Dom so far under her thumb it’s a wonder he can breathe- and it’s the same way with Porshe and Rachel’s butt.  Oh– and Kalia and Lawon. They’re still in the house, too.. I think?  They are such non-entities at the moment. It’s hard to remember they’re there.

The HG's waiting to ambush the next person in the room- with a pillow fight.



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