After a brutal Double Eviction, the Big Brother 2010 house is down to 5..

The HOH competition was played late last night, and your new HOH is………

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen,  The Brigade finally stepped up, and Lane has won the latest HOH.  Brit and the remaining members of the Brigade are ecstatic, of course. The only one, who is probably not thrilled is Ragan.

The HG’s spent their time productively, however…..Several hours of Brendan and Rachel bashing..yay.. how fun.. 🙁

I swear, these people cannot come up with any new form of communication. I find it very telling that those two made such an impression that the others spend most of their time talking about them ad nauseum..

Anyhoo.  Lane will announce his nominations today, and since we know that Ragan will go up, the question is…who else??

Will Lane out himself on the Brigade alliance, by putting her up against her little buddy, or will he keep it a secret and use Hayden on Enzo as a pawn?

Hayden's HOH basket

Stay tuned for the noms, or SIGN UP for the last few weeks of the LIVE FEEDS!  Here at the end, is usually some of the most devious scheming

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