NOMINATIONS TODAY! Stay tuned for the results– Updated throughout the day..

UPDATE: The “Punishment”- BB took away all their cups and cutlery.  ooooooo….da..da..dummmm.. Also, Lane and Hayden making plans. Plan to put up Ragan and Enzo-as pawn. They do not want to tick off Britney in case she wins HOH the next week, she will be the one to get rid of Enzo next week.  Looks like they plan to sacrifice Enzo- take Brit to F3.  Stupid move… Brit has a MUCH better chance of winning than Enzo..

UPDATE: The HG’s are on outdoor lockdown-waiting on their “Punishment.”

UPDATE: Pandora’s Box has struck again.  Lane’s story was that there was a  money tree with different amounts of money in sealed envelopes.  He claims his envelope contained $91.17  AND  there would still be something unpleasant unleashed on the house, later in the day. He will not be left off the punishment- but will suffer with the rest.  Hmmm.. We shall see.. Do you guys believe him?

Brit and Ragan speculated about what the punishment might be- and were able to incorporate their favorite pasttime…Trashing Brendan and Rachel..(Saying that maybe the punishment will be three Rachel look-a-likes to come into the house).. Surprised..  I thought you might be

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Lane will make his noms today.. So stay tuned for the results—- Will it be Britney?// Will she go postal on him????   These are the days of the Big Brother Lives…

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