OK–Let’s stop for a moment,  to have us a little counseling session this Saturday morning of Week 2 in the Big Brother 14 house.

I’ll admit it…Last night was traumatizing. For the folks in the Big Brother house for sure… But also for we fans out here.

First, we’ll take a look at the order of events. (Thanks to Ian, we now know exactly what occurred. FLASHBACK- 9:10pm BBT)

After Janelle won the Coach’s competition, and selected Brit’s whole team plus Ian (who volunteered) to be Have-Nots, there was some taunting and “ha-ha-ha, Screw you” talk. After which, the teetering-on-the-edge Willie apparently blew his stack.

  1. Willie–boiling like a pot of gumbo–tries to get into the DR. They keep it locked to him, likely hoping for some great drama. (in hind-sight, probably a mistake, BB, as you got a bit more drama than you anticipated.)
  2. Willie goes to the HOH and tells Jani, Boogie, Frank that it was a puss move to do that (Have-Not) to his team. That he (Willie) deserves it but his team does not. Then he declares that he’s going to get himself kicked out before they can evict him. (a goal he achieved.)
  3. Downstairs, Willie kicks the doors and walls of the Have Not Room.
  4. When Joe begins mouthing, Willie follows him (Joe) into the Bathroom and Head-butts him twice, backs off with fists raised, then shoulder bumps him. (I’m guessing this was a slightly more violent chest-bump than the one Jordan gave Russell in Season 11.)
  5. Big Brother comes over the speaker.  BB: “Joe, do not follow Willie. Willie, come immediately to the DR.”
  6. Willie–in a rage and unwilling to comply–stomps into the living room to confront a taunting Janelle.
  7. Willie: “You are all p*ssies,” He then throws handfuls of pork-rinds at Janelle, as she flips him the bird, waves, and tells him “Bye-Bye, Willie.” Willie: “Shut up, you C-word.”
  8. Willie ordered to the DR.
  9. Two hours pass in ominous silence before….
  10. Per Ian’s narration: “Allison Grodner’s sweet voice comes over the loud-speaker, telling the HG’s that Willie has been expelled, but the game will go on.”
  11. You might ask: “Where was Britney in all this? She’s his coach after all.” Well, by this time, Brit realized she could do nothing to control her player and had basically washed her hands of him. And in all honesty, what else could she do?
So that’s where we’re at, folks…. Left floating in the flotsam in the aftermath of Hurricane Willie.
I’ll tell you what I think…On the one hand, Willie definitely had that ‘sparkle’ factor, you have to give him that. When he was in a room, your eyes locked on him. And he had that polarizing, love-him-or-hate-him that CAN make for a great BB player.
On the other hand, with his actions, he proved something that–to me–is unforgiveable.
He disrespected the game.
On Big Brother, everything can turn in a split-second. Willie knew he was going on the block..Well, so what? There was still POV. There was still his team to help protect. AND….you KNOW there was a more than great chance that even if he’d been evicted…He could come back. CBS obviously would want someone like him back in the house. Despise him if you will…Willie was great TV.

This was all true—RIGHT up until he decided that his own pride was worth more than his teammates. More than the game. And for a gamer…For a true Big Brother fan…That’s the one thing that’s unforgiveable.

So– on we go. Willie-less (hmmm…that’s an unfortunate term, huh fellows?) and with a house that’s a bit more bland without its Cajun spice.

If we follow BB Tradition– we’ll have the POV competition today. So Make sure you have signed up for your FREE TRIAL OF THE LIVE FEEDS!! Ashley was given safety for the week. But Shane and Jojo are both in trouble– and depending on who wins today could set the whole tone for the rest of the week!

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