UPDATE!! Noms are in- and it’s…
Dan and Danielle, of course. Though it might’ve been in Frank’s best interest to put Ian up- its a risk either way.
More on all this tomorrow.

The legendary Pandora’s Box has made her first Big Brother 14 appearance!!

From what we can piece together– Frank opened PB- and won some money– not sure how much, but had to be significant to take that big of a risk. There was mention of 30 G’s, but that is not confirmed. NOW CONFIRMED– THREE THOUSAND!! AND FRANK WAS TRAPPED IN HOH DURING THE COMP and didn’t know what was going on.. ALSO IAN cannot play in VETO comp.

It played out something like this–the HG’s had to look for “quarters” (the house was a mess, so we assume they had to look in and out of the house for the coins.)

When you found a coin, you had a shot at the claw machine–The person–IAN–who got the clear plastic question box–won a Golden POV!

NOW what?? Apparently Dan acted a bit douchey during the comp, and was apologizing when the LIVE FEEDS came back. Brit isFREAKING out that he’ll use it, as Frank’s already said if he takes Dan down, Brit goes up.

SO– we’ll have to stay CLOSE to the LIVE FEEDS for tomorrow’s POV comp— to see how this all plays out! WOOHOO!!

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